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Step 1

Reach out to your HR team to enroll yourself in few mins

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Step 2

Attend the onboarding event on [date].

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Activate your health benefits by downloading the Loop app.

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Step 4

Say hi to your dedicated Medical Advisor in the Loop app.

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Attend an upcoming on boarding event

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You'll be informed when you can login to the loop health app to view your e card and book consultations

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Say hi to your dedicated Medical Advisor in the Loop app.

Your new policy covers

Your health insurance is from

Tata AIG

supercharged by Loop.

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Expenses upto Sum Insured when hospitalised for 24 hours or more

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Day Care

Procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation

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Pre & Post Hospitalisation

Covering the cost of Pre-Hospitalisation procedures for upto 30 Days and Post- Hospitalisation for upto 60 Days

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Room Rent

Covered upto ‍


Covered upto ‍


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Covering charges upto


in cases of emergency

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Modern Treatment

Covered upto 50% of Sum Insured on IPD basis for complex procedures like oral chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Intra vitreal injections, bronchial thermoplasty, cochlear implant, uterine artery embolization, etc

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AYUSH Treatment

Not Covered

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Pre existing diseases

Covered with 4 years Waiting Period

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Ultra Modern Treatment

Covered upto 50% of Sum Insured on IPD basis for complex procedures like oral chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Intra vitreal injections, bronchial thermoplasty, cochlear implant, uterine artery embolization, etc

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Domiciliary Hospitalisation

Hospitalisation at Home due to unavailability of hospitals or condition of the patient: Covered as defined in GHI Policy wordings

What’s new this year?

Roofsol Energy Pvt Ltd

has truly boosted your health benefits and is investing a lot to keep you healthy!

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24*7 Claims Support

Our team will help you from admission to discharge

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Easy E-Card Access

Quickly access your E-Card anytime through the Loop App

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Unlimited Doctor Consultations

Free virtual consultations with dermatologists, women's wellness experts, mental health experts, nutritionists, pediatricians, and general physicians.

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Book Lab Tests

Exclusive discounts on booking lab tests and medicines through the Loop App

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Dedicated Medical Advisor

Get your health questions & concerns addressed in minutes, 24/7.

Not Covered?

We are working on supercharging your health benefits more and more each year. But for now, these are not covered in your plan.

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Expenses upto Sum Insured when hospitalised for 24 hours or more

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Foreign Treatment

Procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation

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Procedures associated with Infertility such as IVF and Surrogacy

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Lasik Surgery

Covering charges upto ₹2,500 in cases of emergency

women doing yoga illustrationwellness loophealth

Let’s go on a wellness adventure!

In collaboration with wellness experts, we are curating some incredible wellness sessions for you. It’s holistic and a lot of fun!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

May 27, 2022 17:00

Given the change in trends, technology, and behavior, lifestyle also seems to be getting affected by the ongoing change. Intermittent Fasting being a new change in lifestyle. But is Intermittent Fasting the right choice for you? Or would the frequent eating pattern suit you better? There is so much more one needs to know when changing their lifestyle which we tend to neglect and later regret. In this hour-long Webinar, let us understand your dietary requirements better for a healthier lifestyle.

De-Stress Your Finances

De-Stress Your Finances

June 10, 2022 17:00

Coming Soon

Dealing with FOMO

Dealing with FOMO

June 17, 2022 15:30

Coming Soon

Your Cashless process

If you need help with initiating cashless admission, please have a quick chat with your Medical Advisor in the Loop app anytime!

Call → 02071173585
Direct contact → via Loop Health app
Network Hospitals
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You can avail cashless admission in the network hospitals of

Tata AIG

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Make sure you have everything you need: Download the document checklist here.

Your Reimbursement Claim process

Here's everything you need to know to ensure a fast and smooth claims process
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claim process illustration
Call → 02071173585
Direct contact → via Loop Health app
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Inform -

In case of emergency admission in non-network hospitals, make sure to inform us at the earliest.

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Documentation -

You will need to submit your claim form and all the documents enlisted in the checklist.

Download document checklist
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Discharge -

Post the discharge, you need to send your medical file to the TPA within 30 days.

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Settlement -

The TPA with authorize your claim within 15 days and it would be paid within 3-5 weeks


What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that occurred before the mediclaim insurance program became effective. Most policies exclude pre-existing diseases cover but your mediclaim Insurance Policy provides this coverage.

What are network hospitals?

These are hospitals with which the TPA has a tie up for cashless hospitalization. The updated list of hospitals can be found on the insurance website. Please note that listed hospitals can be unlisted during the policy period due to various reasons.

What are the claim submission deadlines?

Submiting pre-hospitalization and hospitalization claims within 15 days from the date of discharge. Submit post-hospitalisation bills within 7 days from the end of the post-hospitalization period (60 days + 30 days), but not more than 30 days from the end of this period (60 days + 30 days) to avoid delays in submission and subsequent delays in settlement of your claim. Do factor the couriering time. If you have any problem due to which your claim submission will be delayed.

What is Ayush treatment?

The medical expenses incurred for in-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy will be covered in the policy up to 5 Cases in registered hospitals to get coverage under AYUSH treatment, it is necessary that the treatment must take place in a government hospital accredited by Quality Council of India or National Accreditation Board.

Are room taxes payable?

Room taxes (service taxes only, and not luxury taxes or surcharges) are ordinarily not payable.

Caution: Some hospitals do not inform the patient about the applicability of luxury taxes and surcharges until the time of discharge. Please ask your hospital about any hidden charges prior to the admission to avoid unplanned expenses.

What is meant by Pre-hospitalisation and Post-hospitalisation expenses?

Medical expenses incurred during the 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization, and which are related to the illness/accident for which hospitalization takes place, are known as Pre-hospitalisation expenses. These are reimbursable by the insurer.

What expenses are payable as a part of pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses?

Consultation charges, prescribed medicines, prescribed investigations, rehabilitation therapy related to the hospitalization.

What is a E-Card?

It is an identification card, which will entitle you to credit towards hospitalization and day care procedures and any other negotiated benefits at hospitals on the panel of TPA on pre-authorization. Please remember that the Health Card is not a credit card.The card does not entitle you to credit towards out patient treatment. To avoid any misuse of your card, the hospitals may ask you to furnish some identification card (like Voter ID, Photo Credit card, etc.)