Group Health Insurance in the era of post lockdown

2 min. read - A brief overview of Group Health Insurance in India during these evolving times.
December 24, 2020

Indian Government & Group Health Insurance

After the government has made it mandatory for employers to provide health insurance to its employees, employers are online, searching for the best Group health Insurance Plans to cover their employees.

Before this reformatory decision by the government, it wasn’t mandatory for employers to provide insurance to their workforce. Although some of the organizations were a step ahead & already covered their employees & their respective families via group health insurance plans.


Finding the right balance between affordability & rewards

As the organizations get busy in researching online about the best priced plans for their employees, it is equally important to note that the additional health benefits play a crucial role in deciding the best plans for the employees. Generally, a group health insurance policy covers the hospital bills for the employees & their families (up to a certain limit of family members)

When it comes to benefits, there are different types such as: sickness, maternity, disablement, etc. OPD is also one of the popular benefits for the employees. It stands for Out-Patient-Department which covers the Physician, Clinic visits, Lab testing or doctor’s visit to the home (virtually or physically)


The government has ordered employers to present a comprehensive group health insurance plan for its employees. The plan has to be affordable with uncomplicated Terms & Conditions. The decision is expected to benefit both small & large scale organizations.

 As the HRs scan for the best quotes out there in the market, they would require to balance factors like rewarding benefits, better coverage, customizable & economic plans.


This is indeed a very well-welcomed decision by the employees since a healthy employee is a happy employee, as well as by the employers as they get to engage with their employees & increase their organization retention rate by using health benefits as a motivation tool.

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