Quit smoking in just 4 weeks.

A 4-week structured program by counsellors to guide you with proven techniques. India’s first community focussed program to support smoking cessation. Become a non-smoker for good by making small tweaks to your lifestyle.

Science-led approach
Panel of experts
Personalised curated program
Help Me Quit Smoking

8 hours

2 days

2 weeks

1 month

3 months

12 months

8 hours

after you smoke your last cigarette

your oxygen level returns to normal

the carbon monoxide in your body will disappear completely

your blood circulation will improve

your skin and complexion will improve

your breathing and lung function improve

your risk of a heart attack will drop by half

your oxygen level returns to normal

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Catchup Sessions

Be part of a session with peers and a counselor to talk about your relationship with smoking to understand it better.

Online Consultation

Milestone Setting

Personalized interactions with your assistant to figure out milestones in your journey.  

Using Mobile


A deep dive into your behaviors and physiological needs with your expert to establish a long term change.

Using loop app
Quit smoking

Join the first session on Feb 25th!

4 week program, all online!
Personalised to you using behavioral science
Group sessions once per week
If you enjoy the first session, register for the cohort!
Membership fee
Duration: 4 WEEKS
   |    Starts: Saturday, FEB 25, 5-6pm
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If you find the session helfpul, continue for 4 weeks at just Rs. 1200
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Thousands of members have successfully quit smoking

The sessions on withdrawal, gave me perspective.

I had been a smoker for 10 years, but when I noticed a huge reduction in my stamina I decided to cut down. At the iQuit program I really liked the sessions on withdrawal, they gave me perspective. I haven’t smoked for 8 months and it feels great!

Vinod Pawar
Saurabh Patil
39 years, Marketing Professional
Saurabh Patil 39 years, Marketing Professional
Better Perspective

A non-smoker for
four months now.

I began smoking during a very stressful semester at college. I've been a smoker for 7 years. iQuit had a very rational approach that seemed very non-judgemental. That made all the difference. I’ve been a non-smoker for four months now.

Mihir Bandgar
Anmol Somanchi
28 years,
PhD Student
Anmol Somanchi 28 years, PhD Student
Non-judgemental approach

I am pretty sure
I’ll never smoke again.

I became a heavy smoker during the lockdown. I joined the iQuit to accompany a friend but as I got deeper into the program I got more and more invested. It has only been a month since I stopped smoking but I am pretty sure I’ll never smoke again.

Anupam Tiwari
Rohini Nair
29 years, Startup Founder
Rohini Nair 29 years, Startup Founder
Highly Recommended
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Who is eligible for the iQuit program?

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Anyone who wants to quit smoking can be a part of the iQuit program.

Do you guarantee success?

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While we do not have a money-back guarantee, we assure you our program will help you with working techniques to refrain from smoking.

How many folks have successfully quit smoking with this program?

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We have worked with about 800 people and most of them have reduced their smoking habits by up to 70%. Some of these have been able to completely quit smoking.

Is this program scientifically proven?

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Yes, all the techniques used by our team are science-based. 

I’m not that comfortable with using technology, can I still sign up?

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Yes, absolutely. Our coaches will hand-hold you at every point and will help you get equipped with our platform.

How long will the iQuit program last?

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This program will last for 4 weeks. However, you can extend your plan and stay with us as long as you want.

Are your services available all across India?

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Yes! We work with people from all over the country.

Can I buy this for a friend or family member?

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Definitely! Our referral program is designed to invite more people to be a part of the iQuit mission.

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