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Being a doctor at Loop Health means we’re passionate about practicing the most up-to-date, high-quality medicine you’ll find anywhere. We’ve trained at some of the world’s best institutions and continuously push ourselves to learn more. We think about your health comprehensively and take the time to hear your concerns and treat you as a person — not a diagnosis.

Loop Health Team

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Our Mission

Loop Health is on a mission to provide healthcare that improves the quality of life of millions of people and their loved ones. We are building India's first health insurance company that provides unlimited doctor visits, preventative care and a team of doctors always available on the Loop Health app. We have taken on the ambitious challenge of building a healthcare system from the ground up.

Our vision is to build a healthcare experience where doctors truly care about their patients, proactively manage their health and help families find affordable treatments. We want to shift healthcare providers away from getting paid to treat sickness, and towards being rewarded for keeping patients healthy.Loop Health is funded by Y Combinator, Sierra Ventures and world-class investors like Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Daniel Burka (ex-design partner at GV), Shiva R. (CTO at WeWork), and others.

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