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We pay doctors to keep your employees healthy, not just treat them when they are sick. We are building a new healthcare platform that ensures financial protection from health risks and improves health outcomes. We believe we can make healthcare better for everyone in India.

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Mayank Kale

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Head of Product
Beliefs of Loop Health


Founded in 2018, Loop Health is the first health insurance provider with an in-house medical team that helps you care for your employees. Health benefits should be simple, useful, and holistic.

That means plans and benefits you understand, tools that save you time and money, and excellent doctors who are there to keep your team healthy before they end up in the hospital.

We’re on a mission to bring quality and value back together in healthcare. We don’t just pay the claim—members trust Loop Health to guide them to better doctors, better care, and lower costs.

Healthcare should be holistic

Building better
healthcare from
the ground up

Great health starts with great care. Our team of elite doctors are award-winning experts on nutrition, wellness, and family medicine.

Loop Health - Building better healthcare from the ground up
Healthcare should be holistic

Backed by great investors

We will not stop until healthcare is better for everyone.

Loop Health - Enriching healthcare experience

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We are hiring across all functions. If you're interested in working with a fast-moving, high intensity team, apply below. If the role you are suited for is not listed, send a note to amrit@loophealth.com.

Healthcare should be holistic

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Healthcare should be holistic