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Learn about Group Health Insurance

What Is Group Health Insurance Policy?

Group health insurance also known as group mediclaim insurance policy for employees is a type of health insurance plan purchased by organizations, small and large, to meet the medical expenses of a group of people, notably their company employees.

You can select a pre-planned corporate health insurance policy or customize a plan to cater to your precise requirements. Compared to an individual health plan, group health insurance is an affordable option plus, employers are eligible for tax benefits of group medical insurance plans in India as well. It’s a win-win!

What Is Group Insurance Policy?

How does group
health insurance work?

Corporate health insurance plans in India are like master plans, offering coverage to every individual in a group. Every employee receives the same, uniform coverage as part of the group insurance plans.

Organizations pick from group health insurance providers and work alongside a member of Loop side-by-side toward tailor-making the best group mediclaim policy for employees.

Typically, employers pay premiums and offer group mediclaim coverage to their company employees as a benefit. Employee group health insurance policy sometimes extends this protection to families, too.

How does group health insurance work

Why Should Employers Offer Group Health Insurance Plan For Employees?

Health insurance is important but why offer health insurance plan to employees is a commonly asked question.

The importance of group medical policy for employees goes beyond smooth day-to-day operations. A mentally and physically healthy individual is more motivated and optimistic. Employee health and productivity go hand in hand. And running a successful business means keeping employees happy.

With the onset of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, health has taken precedence. On that front, in April 2020, the Indian government made group health insurance mandatory for all commercial and industrial offices, workplaces, and establishments to provide group medical insurance for employees.

Employee healthcare handbook
 min read

Employee healthcare handbook

A quick and easy-to-read guide for implementing employee benefits that work for you and your organization

Who should buy Group Health Insurance Policy?

Whether small, large, or growing, a group health insurance plan helps keep your team healthy and happy, and signals you care about their well-being.

Who should buy Group Health Insurance

Small companies and young startups

As a start-up or a small business, if you have a team of 7 or more members, with small group health insurance plans, you have the dual group mediclaim policy benefits of protecting the assets of your organization as well as saving on income tax.

Medium-sized companies and growing startups

If your small business is growing and thriving, and has between 50 and 1,000 employees, you fall under this category and can easily seek small business group health insurance policy. Group health insurance plan gives you an edge by ensuring your employees are motivated and happy.

Large organizations and established startups

As a large and established business, you continually face a demanding economic climate, competitive threats, new challenges, and sizable risks. To move your business forward, you need to provide group health insurance policy for employees to make sure they stay healthier and more engaged on the job.

Who Is Eligible For Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance in India is available from employer to employee. But non-employer to-employee groups with a common interest who meet group health insurance requirements are eligible too.

point 1

The minimum number of employees - With Loop, one of the employer group health insurance requirements is a minimum 7-member team. Employees can be family members as well, say a family business. But, the employer-to-employee relationship must be present.

point 2

Registered business - You must officially register Your business along with paperwork and a valid GST number.

How To Select The Best Group Health Insurance Plan For Your Employees?

With numerous options at the tip of your fingers, you can handpick the best group health insurance policy in India that provides peerless coverage and access to care on your terms.

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Quick and easy access

Whether it’s in the initial stage of seeking group health insurance quotes or in the final stages of assistance with claims, you need corporate health plans with providers who are easily accessible.

With the wave of digitization, it’s a bonus to have online access to tools that help with a variety of activities like speaking with a doctor, maintaining records, and making smarter health choices.

chat icon

Effective communication & Support

In a time of need, you need to know your team is backed by reliable insurers who are pleasant, experienced, and well-equipped to deal with multiple situations.

The lack of open, transparent communication will leave you in doubt, and you don’t want that. Support is another crucial factor. Be it doctor consults or claims support, we give you 24 X 7 support to get you through any hassles.

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Service benefits

Akin to communication, service plays a vital role in an group health insurance policy.

It’s good to know at a time of need, your group health insurance plan provider deals with matters sensitively and with the highest care.

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Compare the costs of different group health insurance plans to see what works best for you. Along with group health insurance costs, don’t forget to evaluate the group health insurance benefits that come along with the plan.

It wouldn’t be wise to pick simply the cheapest group health insurance plan. The key is to choose corporate medical insurance in India which falls within your budget yet offers comprehensive benefits.

Yes, I Want Group Health Insurance

How To Get
Group Health Insurance Quotes?

Follow a simple 3-step process to get a customized group health insurance quotes from Loop:

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Visit our homepage and click on ‘talk to us’

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Fill out the form and click on ‘get a callback’

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Our experts will get in touch with you with the best group health insurance quotes

Which Is Better?
Group Health Insurance Vs Individual Health Insurance

Which is better - Group health insurance Vs individual health insurance? This is a commonly asked question. Before you choose between group or individual health insurance, you must understand the difference.

That being said, there is no right or wrong answer with group health insurance plan vs individual.

However, group health insurance plan does come with a few distinct pros to give it an edge over individual insurance. Jump to this section to learn all employer-based health insurance pros and cons.

Factors to Consider

Health Insurance

Health Plan

person icon

Companies buy group health insurance policy for its employees. Families are also covered under group health insurance plan.

Based on specific needs, individuals buy individual insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

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Duration of the policy

Group medical insurance is directly tied to the employer's terms of employment; it ends when an employee leaves the company.

The policyholder alone determines how long the coverage will last.

Clipboard icon

Corporate health insurance plan provide standard coverage for the entire enterprise. Family members are included in this coverage as well.

Individuals can select plans to fit their needs and the needs of their families.

rupee icon

For corporate health insurance, companies often pay the most affordable premiums. Employees are required to pay little to nothing.

In terms of the sum assured, individual health plan carries much higher premiums when compared to group health insurance plan. Additionally, people must consistently pay premiums

checkmark icon

If it is employee health insurance, then almost every employee of the company is given group health insurance policy automatically, regardless of any existing medical conditions.

The likelihood of eligibility for some plans and covers is restricted based on financial or medical background.

health icon
Added benefits

Despite having lower premiums, group mediclaim insurance has many features and advantages, some of which are included with your policy for no additional cost. Along with group health insurance policy, you also receive primary care and all-around wellness.

Your coverage is broad with individual insurance, but the extra benefits are generally limited and are paid for separately.

Advantages Of Group Health Insurance Policy

Benefits Of Group Health Insurance For Employers

As an employer, it’s of the essence to make your workforce feel safe, appreciated, and important. And that’s one of the advantages of group health insurance.

Of course, employees feel a sense of reassurance, but as an employer or business owner, you have numerous advantages too.

Retain and
attract talent

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers valuable benefits.

With group health insurance plan, employees get comprehensive health insurance along with free added benefits, which helps with countless medical expenses.

Increased focus and productivity

Productivity and benefits go hand-in-hand. An employee who’s concerned about matters in their personal lives is unable to focus on work.

The advantages of group medical policy are providing staff with a sense of security, and peace of mind which boosts productivity, engagement, and morale.

Value for money and tax benefits

The primary differentiators of group health insurance vs individual coverage are the cost of premiums and tax benefits.

The premium of group health insurance plan is cheaper and customizable to suit the needs of every organization. Let’s not forget the group mediclaim policy tax benefits.

Benefits Of Group Health Insurance For Employees In India

What’s worse than getting sick? Getting sick and stuck with a huge hospital bill or medical expenses. As an employee, the advantage of group medical insurance is preventing both of those things.


The benefits of group health insurance policy are inefficacious if you don’t have a team of specialized professionals by your side.

You must find plans with excellent quality primary care which can help nip issues in the bud.

Cover for family

One of the differences between group health insurance policy and individual is coverage for the family.

Depending on the group medical insurance policy in India, some plans extend group health insurance policy to family members. This way, you have security for your dependents as well in a time of need.

The quick and efficient claims process

Since the group health insurance plan is routed through your employer, most of the communication is handled by a single point of contact - making things easier.

Best Features Of
Corporate Insurance Policy

Don’t have group health insurance policy? Let’s learn about the features of group health insurance that you’re missing out on!

No pre-medical screening

With corporate group insurance, the primary difference is the requirement for pre-medical tests. The best group health insurance plan doesn’t require it and even without it, the policies are valid.

No pre-medical screening feature of group health insurance

Waived off
waiting period

A huge difference between group health insurance plan is the waiting period. A group health insurance for employees doesn’t have this limitation.

By paying a small premium amount, employees get group coverage for pre-existing diseases from the first day of the policy. This waived-off waiting period is extended to your spouse as well.

Coverage for pre-existing diseases feature of group health insurance

Coverage for pre-existing diseases

Besides no prior medical check-up, employee health insurance plans offer group health coverage for pre-existing diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, etc.

Some group health insurance services even cover certain critical illnesses.

Loop benefits

Added benefits

Unlike individual insurance, group health insurance plans come with a range of added benefits such as free and unlimited primary healthcare, maternity benefits, pre and post-hospitalization costs, room and boarding, surgical fees, drugs, and medicines, ambulance charges, etc.

Added benefits feature of group health insurance

What Is Covered Under Group Health Insurance Offered By Loop?

What Is Covered In Group Health Insurance By Loop
timer icon

Skip the wait

Waived off waiting period so you can use your cover & claim instantly off group health insurance waiting period

currency icon

Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Get the best value from your cover & lower out-of-pocket costs.

heart icon

Coverage for a pre-existing illness

Group health insurance policy covers pre-existing conditions from day 1.

mediclaim icon

Customized plans + Covid Care

Tailor-made group mediclaim policy based on what’s right for you, including pandemic treatment.

hospital icon

Pre and Post-Hospitalization Care

Group health insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions from day 1 coverage for inpatients including room rent, nursing, boarding, surgeon, anesthetist, specialist fees, cost of medicines, etc.

maternity icon

Maternity Coverage

A group health insurance plan also covers maternity benefits for normal or cesarean delivery.

This cover also includes newborn baby expenses.

Some of India's top brands trust Loop Group Health Insurance policy

How To Raise A Claim For Group Mediclaim Insurance?

With an easy claims management process, you’ll have an easy-breezy group health insurance claims experience.

With a cashless claim for an employee health insurance policy, simply pick a network hospital of your choice, keep your e-card handy, fill out the cashless form/pre-authorization form and Loop will take care of the rest.

cashless claim for employee health insurance policy

If you want to visit a non-network hospital of your choice, you can file a reimbursement claim. Here you have to submit all the documents of your hospitalization to the insurer, who will approve and reimburse the amount.

reimbursement claim for employee health insurance policy

Why Buy Group Health Insurance From Loop

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Group Health Insurance Plans By Loop
checkmark icon

Proactive approach

From the stage of purchase until the final stage of claims, you have a dedicated team throughout the loop along with 24 X 7 assistance to get help for your corporate mediclaim policy.

checkmark icon

A plethora of added benefits

With Loop, you have access to a range of added benefits because pre-existing diseases are covered under group health insurance plans, and also pre and post-hospitalization coverage as a part of your group health insurance plan.

checkmark icon

OPD and free and unlimited primary care

With no added or hidden costs, our group health insurance plans open avenues for the best primary care.

checkmark icon

Continuity of care

With unlimited consults with experienced doctors, you can expect continuous care. Our specialists will know and understand your concerns, health history, and wellness goals.

checkmark icon

Wellness perks

Our group health insurance helps employees beat work blues with a host of wellness benefits like mental health consults, dental and vision, nutrition, fitness sessions, and more.

checkmark icon

Cashless treatment

One of the benefits of group health insurance plans is network hospitals spread out throughout the country.

So, no matter where your employees are, they have access to hassle-free cashless treatment.

Looking For A Happy,
Healthy Workplace?
We Help You Achieve That!

With Loop’s group medical insurance policies, you can keep employees healthy while staying on budget.

You get the best group health insurance plans and added benefits at no extra cost and all-around proactive care from a team that’s like an extension of your family.

Yes, I Want Medical Insurance
A Happy, Healthy Workplace with group health insurance policy

FAQs About Group Health Insurance In India

What is the difference between group and individual coverage?

chevron icon

A few primary and notable differentiators between individual and group health insurance are:

  • Lower cost of premiums
  • Waived off waiting periods
  • Group medical coverage for pre-existing diseases
  • Maternity cover
  • Free and unlimited primary health care

Is group healthcare policy cheaper than individual health coverage?

chevron icon

Group health insurance is definitely a cheaper option for businesses in comparison with individual health insurance. Group mediclaim for employees comes with lower premiums and a host of added benefits that ensure your team is healthy and happy.

What are small business group health insurance requirements?

chevron icon

For group medical insurance for small business, the eligibility criteria is:

  • A minimum number of 7 members
  • Official business registration and GST certificate

To know more about best employer group health insurance plan for small businesses, read here: Employer Group Health Insurance Requirements

Is medical insurance mandatory for employees in India?

chevron icon

Yes, health insurance has been made mandatory for employees by the government of India post the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been put in place to ensure that every employee has some form of protection with group health insurance plan.

How is Loop group health insurance policy beneficial?

chevron icon

Loop Health is a modern health care provider with a proactive approach from start to finish. A group health plan includes a plethora of added benefits, including wellness perks, to your policy at no additional cost. Furthermore, with a team of specialized doctors and medical professionals available 24 X 7, all your health queries will be sorted out with ease. And the dedicated claims team will ensure your experience is absolutely hassle-free.

Why is medical insurance for employees in India important?

chevron icon

Medical exigencies are unpredictable. With a comprehensive group health plan, you can safeguard yourself and your family members, protect your savings, financial stability, fight lifestyle diseases, improve workplace productivity, and so much more.

Does a Loop employee medical insurance policy cover treatment for COVID-19?

chevron icon

Yes, Loop offers comprehensive and cheap group health insurance plans at affordable costs, including COVID-19 cover.  

How much does group health insurance cost for small business?

chevron icon

The cost of group health insurance coverage for small business varies due to lot of factors. At Loop, group health insurance premiums start at Rs. 450/-. This comprises holistic cover from top insurers for your employees, including a range of added benefits and wellness perks, at no additional cost, for all-around preventive care.

How many employees do you need for group health insurance?

chevron icon

The minimum requirement for group health insurance with Loop is 7 members.

Are group health insurance premiums tax deductible?

chevron icon

For employers, the premium paid to provide a group health insurance policy for employees in India can be deemed as a business expense. According to the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, this expense is eligible for tax benefits.

Does group health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

chevron icon

Unlike individual health insurance plans, group health insurance policies with Loop include health insurance plan for pre-existing conditions with no waiting period in India.

What are the various waiting periods in group health insurance coverage?

chevron icon

The waiting period in insurance varies from policy to policy and issuer to issuer. The different ones are:

  • Initial
  • Pre-existing disease
  • For a specific disease
  • Maternity and newborns

Read more here: Group Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Should you pick a bank offered corporate insurance policy?

chevron icon

There’s a vast difference between employer group health insurance and a bank group health insurance policy. What you choose entirely relies on what you’re looking for. That being said, employer health insurance comes with a bunch of advantages like no waiting period for pre-existing diseases, choosing the choice of your doctor, added wellness benefits, maternity cover, an extensive network of cashless hospitals, and more.

How should startups get group health insurance for employees?

chevron icon

With corporate health insurance, there’s no one size fits all option - and that’s the best part! You can get group health insurance for startups as well as large businesses. You can pick a plan and customize it according to your team and your needs. Insurance for your team is like an investment. You can contact Loop’s team here.

What is the maternity benefit in an group health insurance plan?

chevron icon

Maternity benefit is coverage as a part of employer group health insurance policies for pregnant women. This benefit covers the cost of normal delivery and a 14-day post-delivery checkup.

Can you cancel your group health insurance?

chevron icon

Yes, you can cancel your employer group health insurance plan. After cancellation, you will continue to get medical coverage until the end of the month. For example, if you cancel your coverage on the 16th of December, you will get medical coverage until December end.

Read more here: Group Health Insurance Cancellation Policy

What documents do you require for raising a claim?

chevron icon

To raise a claim, you need the following documents: 

  • Identity proof issued by the government
  • Proof of residence and employer address
  • 6-month salary slip 
  • Signed claim form with the details of the claim for reimbursement
  • Printout of form 2A 

Can husband and wife have group health insurance?

chevron icon

If both the husband and wife own a family business and are looking for a group health insurance plan, the wife or husband cannot usually count as the lone employee. If the company has two additional working employees, the wife or husband might join the employer group health plan instead of being a sole owner (who may or may not be family members).

Have more questions?

Read the full FAQs here
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