What is Health Assurance?

Health Assurance is a new type of healthcare system focused on preventing sickness rather than just reacting to it. Improve productivity, adoption of health benefits and reduce premiums.

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Why health insurance isn’t doing the job

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Late Intervention

Health insurance is used at the end of the healthcare journey when the critical illness has reached its peak, while the need is for an early intervention

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Low Utilization

Only 8% of all employees use group health insurance, so over 90% of them don't enjoy any benefits of the health budget

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Not data-driven

We need a health benefit that works on the metrics that HRs care about: reducing absenteeism, sick days, and early attrition

How Health Assurance solves the problem

Health Assurance is a concept that goes beyond traditional insurance by focusing not only on financial coverage for major medical treatment but also on preventive care, wellness, and mental health. Think of health assurance as an insurance plan that doesn’t just react to disease, but tries to prevent disease altogether.

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A dedicated doctor, 24/7

Our doctors respond so fast you’d think they are bots (they’re not).

They will answer any medical queries, offer guidance, and help book lab tests.

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Unlimited consultations for the whole family

Your employees and their family can see a doctor whenever they need to and save ~₹10,000 on healthcare.

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In-person care, anywhere in India

From August, your employees can visit a MedPay network clinic or hospital near them and get healthcare services for free.

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Easy & discounted lab bookings

  • We’ve got 12+ PAN-India partners who offer up to 20% off on lab tests.
  • Your employee’s family doctor from Loop will help them get an at-home test or book an appointment at a center nearby on the Loop app.
  • We share the result on the app and the doctor will walk the employee through it.
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Affordable Solutions

"Loop is both an insurance company and a healthcare provider for its plan members. Their doctors, hospitals, and health plans are all part of one team"

Health Assurance vs Insurance What’s the difference?

Using scientific evidence to personalize care

We’ve hired an in-house team of specialists & trained them on WHO/ICMR guidelines, and incentivized them to curate personalized care.

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WHO/ICMR recognized
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A new mother who needs advice on neonatal care

“Loop revolutionizes healthcare by tailoring personalized care to each individual, harnessing the power of their unique data”

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A software engineer
who has repetitive stress injury

“Loop's approach to revolutionizing healthcare through tailored, data-driven solutions is truly transformational.”

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An outstation employee whose diabetic parent needs monitoring

"I am the primary caregiver for my father. Loop's elder care program helps monitor his sugar levels, food and medicine intake like I would if I were home"

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A sales person with anxiety who needs reassurance

"Loop's 24x7 medical advisor team helped me get in touch with a mental health expert who helped calm my nerves and gave me tips to combat my anxiety"

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Partnering with
India’s leading hospitals

Drive high performance with Health Assurance

Modern HR teams use Loop to improve productivity, increase adoption of health benefits and reduce annual premiums paid for insurance

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80%+ increase in health engagement

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20+ NPS for your employer brand and retention

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Reduce premiums by 10% by keeping your team healthy

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Spend less time managing endorsements and claims

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The Ultimate Guide to Health Assurance

Written by Loop co-founders, on how to assure your employees of better health

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