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We believe we can make healthcare better for everyone

We’re building a brand new healthcare platform that ensures financial protection from health risks and improves health outcomes

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How do we do this?

Loop doctors proactively keep you healthy, not just treat you when you are sick.

Loop doctors proactively keep you healthy, not just treat you when you are sick.

How it started

Before starting Loop, we created digital health records for 500,000 patients in India. We became aware of a major problem: GPs are paid to treat patients when they are sick, not to keep them healthy.

Patients are disadvantaged because they lack medical knowledge and have trouble navigating the complex healthcare system. We wanted to create a company that actively cares about people and is financially incentivized to keep them healthy. Combining insurance and primary care makes this possible.

Loop is India’s first integrated care provider. We help companies get amazing health benefits for their teams and deliver the care with our own in-house team of 30 experienced doctors.

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Loop was founded

First integrated care provider

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$2 Million Seed Round

Graduated Y-Combinator and provided amazing health benefits to the first 30 customers

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500K+ Members added

Across 300+ companies, Loop provided a family doctor to each employee.

In just 4 years we’ve...

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Served 500,000+ employees

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Completed 15,000+ medical consults

And helped thousands of people file health insurance claims. We believe that health benefits should be simple, useful, and holistic. We’re building plans and benefits you understand, tools that save you time and money, and excellent doctors who are there to help you take control of your health.

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Backed by great investors

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Come build with us.

If you're interested in working on amazing fintech and healthcare products, apply below. If the role you are suited for is not listed, send a note to joinus@loophealth.com

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