Put health benefits on auto-pilot

Stay on top of administrative work with Loop's tools. See the latest on enrolment, claims, and healthcare in one place.

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2x ROI on Employee health
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2x faster claims process
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6X more engagement

Designed to save HRs a ton of time

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Customized for you

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We analyse your team's health insurance & benefits requirements and make sure you know what you need to attract and retain the best talent.

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Endorsements made easy

Add and remove employees automatically from your HRMS or use your HR dashboard to edit your employee roster quickly.

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24/7 Claims Support

Faster claims support with no HR intervention. With loop, your employees can initiate and get support on claims directly from the loop app, anytime, anywhere. We’ve got customer support and medical advisors to guide them every step of the way.

Modern tools for HR and Admin teams

HR Dashboard

We put health benefits on autopilot, but we still give you a control panel, so you always know what’s happening. See the latest data on enrolment and claims right on your dashboard.

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Enrolment Portal

We know how exhausting it is to get your entire workforce enroled for health insurance every year. We’ve autopiloted that too! They can now enrol themselves through our portal. With effective and data-driven reminders, we also increase the chances of timely enrolment.

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Claims Experience

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Employees can file a claim in just 5 minutes
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Auto-upadates on claims status
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Check all claims in your dashboard
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Call our 24/7 support line for help
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We get you the best deals from
India’s top insurers

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some of our success stories from our customers.

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We were thrilled with the quality of Loop’s Health Assurance Product.
harshvardhan kondhare
Harshvardhan Kondhare
HR Ops, iMocha
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Loop brings something special with their focus on claims prevention
Devangi kamra
Devangi Rindani Kamra
Chief People Officer, Technogise
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Health assurance
helps us build a happier workforce. This is transformative.
Rajeev Kunwar
Rajeev Kunwar
Global VP - HR, EvolveBPM LLC
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I save hours every week because Loop is directly integrated with our HRMS
Deepak Rajan Nair
Deepak Rajan Nair
HR Manager at Rivulis Irrigation India
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Loop has disrupted the market. My employees consult a doctor in just two clicks, no wait.
Joel Sebastian
Joel Sebastian
India HR Lead, Esper
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Why do employees love loop?

The loop app makes it easy for your employees to:

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E-cards available in 10 days, always handy
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Policy details available anytime
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Each employee has a dedicated medical advisor
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Employees can use Loop consults for their family
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Discounted labs, medicines, and more
See the employee experience

Commonly asked questions

What is the best way for you to invite our team members?


When you purchase a group health insurance policy by Loop, you get a scheduled day for an onboarding event with us. Before this day, you must share your employee data with our onboarding team to invite them.

How can our team members self-onboard?


We will send every employee an email about the details of their policy and card, which they can access from the Loop app. To self-onboard, you need to download the Loop app.

What are the questions you will ask our team members during the onboarding process?


During the onboarding process, your team can expect simple questions such as employee details including, name, enrolment members, mobile numbers, and email IDs.

What is the procedure for removing a team member?


You can easily delete team members from the HR dashboard.

What is the procedure for adding a team member?


You can easily enrol your team members from the HR dashboard.

When is a team member's membership activated?


The Loop team will share an e-policy card that members can access from the Loop app. Post this, the membership is active.  

I did not enrol my spouse or child during the first onboarding process. What's the best way to include them?


In general, health insurance policies don’t allow you to enrol your spouse or child once the onboarding is complete unless you’re newly married or have a newborn child. 

If you get Loop Health’s group health insurance, you can enrol anytime you want.

Where can you get a copy of your health insurance card?


You can find a copy of your health insurance card on the Loop app. Once you log in, you need to click on the insurance tab and then view the card.

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