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It was great to have Loop Health with us for all our medical needs

Vineet Kewlani CHRO at Impact Infotech
Vineet Kewlani
CHRO - Impact Infotech
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One of the best features is the in-house team of doctors and specialists. Our employees love Loop’s wellness sessions, and health check-up camps.

Ishwari HR at Livio
Ishwari Chandekar,
HR Manager, Livio
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Our association with Loop has been an excellent experience. Kudos to the claims team because the claims are settled very well. Our employees are very happy with the health checkup feature too.

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Jagruti Jeevan,
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The online consultation services provided to employees through the Loop app proved to be a life-changer. We have seen many of our employees have taken benefit of the service and it actually served as a big relief to us.

Deepak Rajan Nair
HR Manager, Rivulis Irrigation
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Please thank Dr. Amruta for making me feel alive, happy & hopeful again. After first day of meds, I experienced 70% of positive change''

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Loop Member
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The medical advisors and the consultations from the in-house doctors has been very helpful. They are very prompt in their communication and follow up.

Rosetta Fernandas
Rosetta Fernandes
HR Manager, Vedam Design
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"For my team, having Loop is like having a doctor in the family."

Makarand Datar, CEO - Datar Engineering
Makarand Datar
CEO - Datar Engineering
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This year was especially tough, but now we have Loop helping our team.

Maruthi S at Marquardt
Maruthi S
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We have had Loop as our insurance broker for last 2 years, our experience is very positive. From getting the best quotes to providing unique services via their mobile app to going the extra mile to deliver best services, they've helped us make things easy and convenient for our employees.

Ritesh Shah
Senior HR Manager, Medline India
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I speak with my Loop doc every week about my diabetes.

Vishal k, Impact System
Vishal K
Impact Systems
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My employees no longer call me to ask about their policy because Loop takes care of everything.

Somal G, GE
Somak G
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Really nice doctors. Helpful in every situation. They do a follow up to check on you. Would definitely recommend.

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Loop Member

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