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Last year was a record-breaking year, and we're not slowing down

Watch how we helped people navigate their health care, provided emotional support, saved lives, and made a difference in 2022.

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Shaheen Mohamad

“Loop's been our insurance broker for 2 years. The claims and customer success team is extremely helpful”

Shaheen Mohamed
HR Manager, LumenData Solutions Pvt Ltd

“Shifting our complete employee health benefits system was a challenging task, and Loop team helped us to do that easily.’’

Pulkit Bhandari
HR & Admin lead, Donyati
Ishwari Chandrakar, Hr Manager at Livio

“Our employees love Loop’s wellness sessions, and health check-up camps.”

Ishwari Chandekar
HR Manager, Livio
Chandan Senjalia

“Loop's thoughtful assistance, right from in-person to moral support, show the depth and quality of the team's commitment to their clients.”

Chandan Senjalia
HR Manager, JAPFA
Komal Iyer, HR Manager, ChaiKapi Pvt Ltd.

“With Loop, we have been able to up our employee satisfaction rate with regards to healthcare”

Komal Iyer
HR Manager, ChaiKapi Pvt Ltd.
Ruchi Singh

“The valuable insights you provided on healthcare benefits will be incredibly helpful for our employees, enabling them to fully understand and take advantage of the perks of endorsing with Loop.”

Ruchi Singh
Sr. HR Executive, Knorex
Snehal Yadav

“Appreciate Loop’s speedy response and unwavering assistance. Truly setting the bar for healthcare services.”

Snehal Yadav
Manager Facilities, Administration & EHS, Knorr-Bremse
Deepak Nair testimonial

“Since we've partnered with Loop, we've seen a 180° turn in employee satisfaction. All the hassles are now negligible.”

Deepak Rajan Nair
HR Manager, Rivulus Irrigation
Rosetta Fernandes, HR manager at Vedam Design

“The medical advisors and in-house doctor consultations has been exceptional.”

Rosseta Fernandes
HR Manager, Vedam Design
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Real Companies, Real Results

Learn how Loop is changing the game.

Brevistay Team

A well-managed health benefits system helps Brevistay employees increase productivity

Loop fully managed Brevistay’s group health insurance and provided employees with 24x7 access to medical care.

Livio Team

How Livio's HR Saves 99% of Time on Health Benefits With Loop

Livio's HR Manager stumbled upon a Loop ad on Facebook and now, their health insurance and benefits are on autopilot!


In4Velocity's Health and Wellness Transformation with Loop

In4Velocity, an IT company specializing in real estate and infrastructure, grappled with challenges during the transition to remote work due to COVID-19. Reduced interaction, slower issue resolution, and a lack of a digital health insurance platform were pressing concerns. Then Loop stepped in to introduce transformative solutions.

Vaibhav Global

Vaibhav Global makes their Employee Healthcare Shine with Loop

Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL), is a renowned multinational electronic retailer and manufacturer specializing in fashion jewelry and lifestyle accessories. This case study delves into how VGL transformed its employee benefits program through a strategic partnership with Loop, addressing challenges and achieving substantial enhancements in coverage, accessibility, and overall employee well-being.

Marriott Mahabaleshwar

How Loop is helping Marriott Mahabaleshwar give its staff the best of well-being

In the lush hills of Mahabaleshwar, amidst the serene backdrop of nature, The Marriott stands tall as a premium beacon of hospitality. With over 350 dedicated associates, the challenges of providing top-notch health and wellness benefits were paramount. Enter Loop, a company on a mission to revolutionize employee well-being. This case study delves into how Loop's partnership with the Marriott is turning heads, putting the 'Life on Time' philosophy into practice, and reshaping the narrative of well-being in the hotel industry.

Accurate Gauging

Forging New Paths: How Loop brought changed Accurate Gauging's Insurance Fortunes

In a transformative partnership have revolutionized employee health benefits. By merging diverse staff categories and introducing a pioneering wellness plan, they've not only streamlined claims settlements but also achieved remarkable savings.


How Loop Recharged Exide’s Employee Wellbeing

Discover how Loop, with its innovative healthcare solutions, transformed Exide's employee well-being landscape. By addressing critical challenges and introducing streamlined processes, Loop not only revolutionized claim settlements but also fostered a culture of well-being within the organization. Learn how this partnership led to unprecedented success in providing seamless healthcare support for Exide's workforce.

Expert Global

How Expert Global is Assuring their Employees’ Health with Loop

Expert Global Solutions Private Limited, an engineering services and software development company, has recently experienced a significant transformation in its approach to employee health and wellness. This transformation has been made possible through their partnership with Loop, India’s first Health Assurance company. With over 1,200 employees, Expert Global sought to enhance their employee benefits package and ensure that their workforce received not just medical insurance but a comprehensive health and wellness experience. In this case study, we explore the challenges Expert Global faced, the solutions Loop offered, and the remarkable results that have transformed the company's approach to employee well-being.

Accurate Engineering

Accurate Engineering takes Healthcare to greater heights with Loop

Accurate Engineering, specializing in metrology instrumentation, sought to optimize their employee healthcare benefits. Loop's introduction three years ago transformed their healthcare landscape, offering access to the Loop app and medical professionals. Accurate Engineering's association with Loop resulted in heightened employee health awareness and substantial healthcare savings.

Aditya Engineering

Aditya Engineering fixes their insurance leakages with Loop

Aditya Engineering, a renowned manufacturer of automobile components, faced significant challenges in managing their employee health insurance program. Skyrocketing premiums and inadequate service from their previous broker left employees frustrated. However, their decision to partner with Loop proved transformative, resulting in expedited claims processing, reduced HR workload, heightened employee satisfaction, and significant cost savings.

Alicon Castalloy

Alicon Castalloy drives better Insurance Service for their Employees with Loop

In the realm of employee benefits, Alicon Castalloy, a prominent auto component manufacturer, grappled with high insurance costs and unsatisfactory service from their previous broker. Their search for an efficient solution brought them to Loop, known for its systematic approach. This case study explores how partnering with Loop resolved their issues, delivering expedited claims, reduced HR workload, happier employees, and substantial cost savings..

Kelvion India

Kelvion India takes healthcare benefits beyond insurance with Loop

Kelvion, a leading global manufacturer of heat exchangers, has a legacy dating back to the 1920s, providing cutting-edge solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. In a partnership that echoes its commitment to innovation, Kelvion joined forces with Loop Health. This collaboration brought employee well-being to the forefront by leveraging Loop Health's digital solutions, effectively eradicating communication barriers around health and insurance matters for its manufacturing workforce. This case study delves into Kelvion's transformative journey, highlighting how this alliance redefined employee welfare through seamless digital integration.

Desai Brothers'

Elevating Well-Being and Success: Desai Brothers' 2-Year Journey with Loop

Two years ago, Desai Brothers, a leading tobacco and snacks manufacturer, joined hands with Loop. The partnership has been a game-changer, addressing critical employee challenges and propelling business growth. Together, they illustrate the value of enduring collaborations that foster holistic well-being and elevate business performance.

Akanksha Foundation

Nurturing Teachers' Well-being: A Holistic Health Journey by Akanksha Foundation and Loop Health

Akanksha foundation has been doing remarkable work to bring quality education to underprivileged communities since 1991. As their outreach grew they were faced with several challenges surrounding the health and wellness of their teachers. A collaboration with Loop Health brought about a transformative journey in nurturing teachers' well-being.

Primus Global Solutions

Primus Global Solutions and Loop Collaborate to Streamline Employee Healthcare Experience and Savings

Primus Global Solutions, a leading player in the technology industry, collaborated with Loop to elevate their employee healthcare benefits. This case study unveils the challenges they faced in ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage for their diverse workforce, and how Loop's innovative solutions helped them overcome these obstacles. By focusing on efficient claims processing, personalized coverage options, and an intuitive digital platform, Primus Global Solutions transformed their employee healthcare experience.

Primus Global Technologies

Primus Global Technologies Partners with Loop to Enhance Employee Health and Savings

Primus Global Technologies, a rising star in the technology sector, worked with Loop to redefine their approach to employee healthcare benefits. This case study delves into the unique challenges Primus Global Technologies encountered while catering to the healthcare needs of their dynamic workforce. Learn how Loop's strategic solutions, including streamlined reimbursements, personalized dependent coverage, and a user-friendly digital platform, revolutionized the healthcare landscape for Primus Global Technologies' employees.

Suminter India

Suminter India: Organically Enhancing Employee Health and Wellness

Suminter India Organics, a distinguished producer of natural and organic ingredients, partnered with Loop to bolster employee health and wellness initiatives. Collaborating closely with 80,000 farmers, the company upheld ethical practices and environmental sustainability. With a focus on excellence from sourcing to global distribution, this case study delves into how Suminter India Organics, guided by its commitment to integrity, integrated Loop's innovative solutions to enhance employee well-being. This partnership aligned with its values of holistic care for individuals and the environment.


Timezone Entertainment Transforms Employee Wellness and Engagement with the Loop App

Time Zone Entertainment Limited, a prominent player in the entertainment industry, is committed to fostering a vibrant and engaging workplace environment for its diverse workforce. The company recognized the significance of employee well-being and sought a solution to enhance engagement while promoting holistic wellness. Loop Health, a comprehensive health and wellness app, emerged as the ideal solution to address these needs seamlessly.

Vision Beyond

How Vision Beyond Ensured Holistic Group Term Life (GTL) Coverage and Settled Claims in Record Time with Loop

Vision Beyond partnered with Loop to enhance employee well-being through comprehensive GTL policies, reflecting commitment and compassion in their approach. Read case study.


How Loop helped iMocha offer the most comprehensive benefits package to their employees

iMocha is a rapidly growing skill building and assessment platform that raised $14million in Series A funding in 2022. They needed a partner that would help them in providing a benefits package which best reflected their company culture. The founders knew exactly the culture they wanted to build and more importantly maintain. The culture was based around four core values- Trust, Innovation, Customer-First and Collaboration. They needed to make sure these values were reflected in their benefits package.

Pan Gulf

Pan Gulf Technologies Empowers Employees with Comprehensive Benefits from Loop

Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a multi-disciplinary engineering solutions company, takes a proactive approach by empowering its workforce with comprehensive benefits from Loop. This study examines the partnership with Loop not only demonstrates the organization's dedication to employees' health but also highlights its commitment to providing robust support for their overall well-being

Fashion Accessories

From Traditional to Modern: Why Fashion Accessories Pvt. Ltd. Chose To Switch To Loop

Fashion Accessories Pvt. Ltd., a forward-thinking company, recognized the need to transition from a traditional approach to a more modern and efficient healthcare solution. This study presents how Loop offered a comprehensive and technologically advanced platform that catered to the specific healthcare needs of Fashion Accessories Pvt. Ltd. and its workforce. The Loop app offered a range of features and benefits that empowered employees to conveniently access and manage their healthcare services.


From Small to Large: How Loop's Healthcare Services Adapt to Enveda Biosciences' Changing Needs

Implementing the Loop app yielded significant and measurable outcomes for BVC Group in terms of optimizing health benefits. This study aims to shed light on how the Loop app has played a pivotal role in delivering tangible results and transforming the health benefits experience for BVC Group and its employees.


Optimizing Health Benefits: How The Loop App Delivered Tangible Results for BVC

Implementing the Loop app yielded significant and measurable outcomes for BVC Group in terms of optimizing health benefits. This study aims to shed light on how the Loop app has played a pivotal role in delivering tangible results and transforming the health benefits experience for BVC Group and its employees.


Streamlining Claims for Employee Satisfaction: V Commission's Transformation with Loop

This study highlights the positive impact of V Commission's partnership with Loop in improving their claims processes and ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction. By streamlining their claims procedures, V Commission has taken a proactive approach to addressing employee needs and ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience when it comes to insurance claims. This transformation signifies V Commission's commitment to prioritizing employee satisfaction and demonstrates the positive influence Loop has had on their overall insurance operations.

Polestar Solutions

Enhancing Health Outcomes for a Young Workforce: The Loop App's Effectiveness at Polestar Solutions

Read how the Loop app unlocks the potential of employee healthcare at Polestar Solutions, an enterprise planning powerhouse, with an ever-growing business and a young workforce. Providing a comprehensive range of features and services, the Loop App empowers employees to take proactive measures toward their health. From convenient access to teleconsultations with doctors to personalized health resources and guidance, the app ensures that employees have the necessary tools to prioritize their well-being.


Empowering Employee and HR Experience: The Impact of Streamlined Health Benefits with Loop at Digitalzone

Read how streamlined health benefits with Loop at Digitalzone has brought about a transformative impact on both employee and HR experiences. By providing a centralized and efficient platform for managing health benefits, Loop empowers employees to take control of their well-being.

Pride Purple

How Loop Reduced Claims Processing Time For Pride Purple

Pride Purple is a prominent real estate developer in Pune. This study examines the impact of Loop's streamlined claims processing time on employee satisfaction within the organization.


Loop Simplifies Enrollment and Endorsement Processes at SKF through HRMS Integration

SKF is a global pioneer of industry-leading automotive and industrial-engineered solutions. Working with Loop, they simplified the enrollment and endorsement processes through (Human Resources Management System) HRMS integration and Loop’s enrollment portal. The Loop app also ensured better health outcomes for employees.

Impact - V2

How Loop Helped Impact Infotech Lower Claims Ratio & Reduce Employee Health Benefits Costs

Learn how the CFO of Impact Infotech, a manufacturing company, could achieve significant cost savings while enhancing the quality of care for employees with Loop’s personalized approach to employee health benefits.

Nyati Group

How Loop’s Quick Claims Support Helped Nyati Group Improve Health Benefits for Employees

Nyati Group is one of the most trusted home-makers in Pune's real estate scenario. See how they’re streamlining their health benefits process with efficient claims and improving employee well-being with Loop.

ESDS Software 

How Loop Is Bringing Zero-Cost Added Benefits To Tier 2 Cities For ESDS Software 

Loop's added benefits approach to health insurance helped ESDS Software Solution Limited save costs and provide better access to healthcare services to employees. The Loop app resulted in high satisfaction levels, improved operations, and a strong partnership between the two companies.

RDC Concrete

How Loop Improved Cashless Claims Settlement For RDC Concrete’s Pan-India Team

EvolveBPM provides Revenue Growth (RG) solutions for the global B2B market. This case study highlights how EvolveBPM places a high priority on the health and well-being of their employees through their partnership with Loop. By fostering a culture-centered and employee-centric organization they drive both productivity and revenue.


How Loop's Timely Support Enhances Employee Well-Being at EvolveBPM

EvolveBPM provides Revenue Growth (RG) solutions for the global B2B market. This case study highlights how EvolveBPM places a high priority on the health and well-being of their employees through their partnership with Loop. By fostering a culture-centered and employee-centric organization they drive both productivity and revenue.


Loop Super-Top Up helps Japfa look out for its most vulnerable employees

Japfa is a leading provider of affordable protein food to the world. The Singapore-based protein feed company that has been in India for 25 years. This study examines how Loop helped Japfa provide healthcare benefits to its most vulnerable employees without incurring any extra costs.


How Esper takes employee health to the next level with Loop benefits

Esper, the industry’s first dedicated Android device management solutions company, sought preventive care combined with health insurance. Find out how their employee-centric approach leads to better health benefits and a happier, healthier workforce with Loop.


Credence streamlines end-to-end claims settlement process with Loop

Credence Resource Management, specializing in collecting telecommunications, utilities, and healthcare accounts as an accounts receivables management firm, was looking for a vendor who could support the entire claims process – right from hospitalization to the claim settlement process.

Applus+ IDIADA

How Applus+ IDIADA reduces sick leaves and boosts productivity with Loop

Applus+ IDIADA, a leading automotive engineering company, needed innovative health engagement activities and personalized medical support to enhance employee well-being. This study shows how their Loop engagement resulted in a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.


How Loop's Single App Delivers Enhanced Health Benefits to ActioHX Employees

ActioHX, optimizing human experience through insights, was looking for a tech-first solution to offer better employee health outcomes. This study shows how the Loop app’s modern approach promotes preventive care and wellness.


How Loop helped Sarvatra’s CFO save employee health benefits costs

Sarvatra, a rapidly growing fintech company, faced some unique challenges as they expanded. This case study examines how the CFO’s decision to choose Loop had a tremendous positive impact on the company’s finances as well the wellness of its employees.


Rivulis Expanding Health Access in Tier 2 and 3 Cities With Loop

Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. offers micro and drip irrigation solutions globally. See how Loop helps tier 2 and 3 city employees overcome language barriers and access healthcare through our extensive vendor network.


How Giesecke+Devrient’s 100% Loop app usage is changing their employees’ lives forever

Giesecke+Devrient (G&D) is a global security technology company with a focus on employee well-being. This study highlights how G&D employees use the Loop app to prioritize their health.

How Livio's HR Saves 99% of Time on Health Benefits With Loop

How Livio's HR Saves 99% of Time on Health Benefits With Loop

Livio's HR Manager stumbled upon a Loop ad on Facebook and now, their health insurance and benefits are on autopilot!

A well-managed health benefits system helps Brevistay employees increase productivity

Health Benefits System Boosts Employee Productivity at Brevistay

At Brevistay, we understand the importance of a healthy and happy workforce. That's why we offer a comprehensive health benefits program to our employees, helping them stay fit and focused on their work. With access to a wide range of healthcare services and resources, our employees are able to manage their health and well-being effectively, boosting their productivity on the job.

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Varsha Krishna

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Mayank Singh

"Loop provided excellent service during my father's TKR surgery. Kuldeep Kamble was supportive and went above and beyond”

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