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Asset Protection Insurance

Safeguard Your Assets: Shield your vital business assets from unforeseen risks with our Asset Protection Insurance. Protect investments, equipment, and property with a tailored policy designed to ensure business continuity.

Marine Insurance

Navigate Safe Waters: Whether you're shipping goods globally or locally via sea, road, rail or air, our Marine Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your cargo and vessels.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Leadership, Protected: ‘Directors and Officers Insurance’ shields your company's leadership from personal liability. Attract top talent to your board and executive positions, by offering them the most robust protection.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Your Business's Legal Guardian: Have a safety net ready against potential legal challenges, accidents, and unexpected circumstances with our Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Mistakes Happen - We've Got You Covered: Errors and Omissions Insurance ensures that even professional mistakes or oversights don’t impact your business negatively.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Guarding Your Digital Frontier: Cyber Liability Insurance is non-negotiable in the modern business paradigm. Keep your business safe from data breaches, cyberattacks, and digital disruptions with our advanced coverage.

Insurance Redefined - The Loop Way!

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Unparalleled Coverage for Your Unique Needs

Add extra protection with dental and vision coverage to your plans to be the best version of yourself

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Understand the foreseen

Most businesses are unable to avoid a crisis because they don’t have the correct guidance. Our guidance isn’t just correct, it’s constant and comprehensive.

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Experience that Matters

Our team of experts is an eclectic mix of industry veterans and talented young analysts. This allows us to provide solutions that prioritize our clients over everything else.

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Dedicated to Your Peace of Mind

Our commitment to you goes beyond just policies. Expect fast and responsive customer support whenever you need it. With Loop, you're never alone in managing your insurance needs

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Safeguarding Success, Minimizing Costs

We believe comprehensive coverage should be affordable. Explore our competitive pricing and flexible payment options to find a plan that protects your business without straining your budget.

We Help Build Fearless Institutions  

 At Loop our philosophy is simple, our exceptional customer service must give our clients the courage to pursue their business goals with confidence

Pulkit Bhandari

“Shifting our complete employee health benefits system was a challenging task, and Loop team helped us to do that easily.’’

Pulkit Bhandari
HR & Admin lead, Donyati
Chandan Senjalia

“Loop’s thoughtful assistance, right from in-person to moral support, shows the depth and quality of the team's commitment to their clients.”

Chandan Senjalia
Manager HR, Japfa
Deepak Rajan Nair

“The online consultation services provided to employees through the Loop app proved to be a life-changer. We have seen many of our employees have taken benefit of the service and it actually served as a big relief to us.”

Deepak Rajan Nair
HR Manager at Rivulis Irrigation India
Ruchi Singh

“The valuable insights you provided on healthcare benefits will be incredibly helpful for our employees, enabling them to fully understand and take advantage of the perks of endorsing with Loop.”

Ruchi Singh
Senior Human Resources Executive, Knorex
Snehal Yadav

“Appreciate Loop’s speedy response and unwavering assistance. Truly setting the bar for healthcare services.”

Snehal Yadav
Manager Facilities, Administration & EHS, Knorr-Bremse
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How Loop passed a 7 CR fire claim for a manufacturer in Kolkata

Anurag, a manufacturer had a fire in their factory in Kolkata. Loop was able to get an inspector on site the same day, and then help file the right documents to get a 7CR claim processed.

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Commonly asked questions

Why do I need business insurance?


You need business insurance to safeguard your business against various risks and uncertainties. Insurance like Asset Protection, Marine, Directors & Officers, Commercial General Liability, Errors and Omissions, and Cyber Liability Insurance from Loop protects your business assets, covers legal liabilities, and ensures business continuity against unforeseen risks and challenges. This protection is crucial for the stability and longevity of your business operations.

How do I get a quote for business insurance?


You can request a free quote by filling out our quote form or contacting our team via email or call.

 Can I customize my business insurance policy to suit my specific needs?


Yes, you can customize your business insurance policy with Loop to suit your specific needs. We offer a range of personalized insurance options including Asset Protection, Marine, Directors & Officers, Commercial General Liability, Errors and Omissions, and Cyber Liability Insurance, all designed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

What factors determine the cost of my business insurance premiums?


The cost of business insurance premiums with Loop is determined by factors such as the type of coverage selected (like Asset Protection, Marine, Directors & Officers, Commercial General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Cyber Liability Insurance), the level of risk associated with your business activities, and your specific business needs. Loop aims to offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options to provide affordable yet comprehensive coverage.

How does Loop assist during the claims process?


At Loop, we prioritize prompt and efficient support during the claims process. Understanding the urgency of such situations, we swiftly dispatch an inspector to the incident site whenever necessary. Our team also assists in filing the appropriate documents promptly to expedite the claims process. This commitment to rapid and effective service is demonstrated by our ability to process a significant claim for a manufacturer in Kolkata on the very day of the incident, ensuring minimal disruption to their business operations.

Can I contact Loop’s customer support team if I have questions or need assistance?


Yes, you can contact Loop's customer support team whenever you have questions or need assistance. Loop is dedicated to providing fast and responsive support to manage your insurance needs, ensuring you're never alone in navigating your insurance journey.

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