Keep employees healthy and stay on budget

Group health insurance and excellent medical care for your team
Keep employees health and stay on budgetKeep employees health and stay on budget

Partnered with companies that care

Partner with companies that carePartner with companies that care
What you get with loop health

This year use group health insurance to engage employees on their health

Personalized and holistic wellness plans

Unlimited doctor visits and 24/7 care

Your group mediclaim insurance covering hospitalizations

Personalized and holistic wellness plans

Unlimited doctor visits and 24/7 care

Your group mediclaim insurance covering hospitalizations

What’s covered in your group mediclaim policy?

We source high quality group health insurance through the best insurance carriers, including Bajaj, New India, HDFC, ICICI, and more

Hospitalization Coverage

Protects the insured for in patient hospitalisation, including room rent, nursing, boarding, surgeon, anaesthetist, medical practitioner, specialist fees, cost of medicines, etc


Maternity expenses are covered, be it normal or cesarean delivery. Expecting mothers can rest assured, newborn baby expenses are also included.

Pre and Post Hospitalization

Pre and post hospitalisation charges included as well as health check ups and ambulatory charges. Sum insured starting at Rs 1 Lakh.

Loop Health Membership

Unlimited OPD consults and holistic wellness plans for your team. Employees can connect with their care team 24/7 via the Loop Health app.

Care that’s there for you 24/7

We keep employees healthy resulting in fewer hospital visits and a happier team.
  • Virtual consults with experienced doctors
  • Call or chat your medical advisor 24/7
  • Order medicine and prescription in the app
  • Second opinions on treatment plans
  • 10,000+ cashless hospitals PAN India
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Chat with your doctor for free, anytime

Because health should be holistic

We help you keep your team mentally and physicaly healthy, so there are less hospital visits.
  • Monthly yoga sessions focused on stress management
  • Personalized care planning for individuals with diabetes, hypertension, and more.
  • Meditation sessions to increase focus and calm anxiety
  • Employees can invite family and friends to join sessions and to use all care services for free
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Prevention is better than cure

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Which of my employees can sign up for Loop Health?

All employees are eligible for Loop Health as part of your Group Mediclaim and ESIC policies. Each employee is given free membership to Loop Health, which includes unlimited visits to our 8 OPD clinics and access to a care team in the Loop Health mobile app 24/7.

Do you cover members outside of your service area?

Yes. As per the regulations from the government of India, as of April 1st, 2020, it is mandatory for organizations to provide affordable & accessible health coverage to all their employees.

How do I choose the right insurance plan for my company?

Picking an insurance plan is no easy task. That's why we offer free 30-min benefits consultations to help us understand the needs of your organization. This was we can provide a personalized recommendation, suited to your budget and desired employee health benefits. When we agree on a personalized plan, our team negotiates with major insurers to get you the best prices.

How can I find out which doctors are in your network?

Depending on your insurance plan, the network of cashless hospitals will change. During the benefits consultation, we get to know where most employees are located so we can select insurers with cashless hospital networks that are nearby. You'll receive the list of cashless hospitals before you book insurance so you know exactly where to direct your employees.

How do I switch from my current plan?

In group health insurance, the risk is divided amongst a specified group of people & hence the premium is also divided equally. Therefore, the amount of premium paid by an individual is less as compared to the premium paid in individual insurance.

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