A truly extraordinary primary care membership for modern companies. Loop thinks about long term health by providing end to end care for your employees. Starting at just Rs. 699 per year.

Helping employees live healthier.Helping employees live healthier.

Akansha’s father tested COVID positive and needed a hospital bed...
but couldn’t find one!

Her Loop medical advisor found him a good hospital bed...
In time

What you get
with Loop

Get unlimited preventive healthcare with Loop Health
Yoga Sessions

Unlimited consults with experienced doctors

Yoga Sessions

Chat with your care team 24/7

Yoga Sessions

A dedicated medical advisor for your family

Yoga Sessions

Discounts on labs and medicines

Buy Loop membership without insurance, starting at Rs. 699 per year

Healthcare should be holistic

Consult with our team of doctors

Employees can  use the Loop Health app to have a video or phone consultation with a Loop doctor for free. We keep employees healthy which results in fewer hospital visits and a happier team.

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Consult with highly qualified & experienced Loop Health doctors
Healthcare should be holistic
Get a personal Loop Health medical advisor

Connect with your medical advisor anytime

Chat with a medical advisor

Ask a health question
We’ll reply in 15 minutes

Healthcare should be holistic

Partner on your whole health journey

Need a blood test, health check-up, or COVID test?

They can consult our Medical Team, book discounted tests, plan hospitalisations, and more

Enhance your healthcare experience by partnering up with Loop Health
Healthcare should be holistic

Meet your health team

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4.8/5 Stars

Dr. Gadre

22 years experience as an
MBBS Doctor, with a focus on family medicine

Loop Health Doctor - Dr. Gadre

Dr. Gosavi

25 years experience as an
MBBS Doctor, with a focus on naturopathy and ayurveda

Loop Health Doctor - Dr. Gosavi

Dr. Roy

8 years experience as a physiotherapist, coordinated hospitalizations at Cloudnine

Loop Health Doctor - Dr. Roy

Dr. Sinha

25 years experience as an
MBBS Doctor with focus on maternal and child health

Dr. Sinha

Dr. Jain

12 years experience as an MBBS doctor in a focus on OB/GYN and experience in fertility practice

Dr. Jain

Dr. Jagtap

10+ years experience at IndusHealth and major hospital groups across India

Dr. Jagtap

What they
have to say

Loop Health partners enjoy high quality healthcare
Mr. Datar

“For my team, having Loop is like having a doctor in the family.”

-Makarand Datar, CEO - Datar Engineering

Mr. Kewlani

"It was great to have Loop Health with us for our all medical needs.."

-Vineet Kewlani, CHRO - Impact Infotech

Mr. Bubna

" Loop is the most customer centric of all the insurance brokers I have worked with ."

-Nikunj Bubna, CEO, The Wow Box

Healthcare should be holistic

Excellent companies use Loop Health to power health insurance and primary care for their employees

Healthcare should be holistic