Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Program

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Loop Health launched a public corporate vaccination program in March 2021. Where we’re actively vaccinating employees for organizations in major cities.

Loop Health launched a public corporate vaccination program in March 2021. Where we’re actively vaccinating employees for organizations in major cities.

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May 7, 2021
Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Program
Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Program

While in the past year the pandemic created significant economic challenges, the year 2021 and the ones that follow are set for recovery for your health and the economy. After more than a month of the vaccine drive in the country, the numbers paint an increasingly encouraging picture and economic recovery has been faster than expected. 

In time, with a faster vaccination process and successful pandemic control, the global economy will slowly and steadily expect to expand to approximately 4 to 5% in 2021. Vaccinations will help the world benefit directly with reduced sickness and indirectly as fears and lockdowns subside. Every day, people are getting comfortable, and are increasing their economic activity.   

How The Vaccination Will Boost The Economy

After the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis, economies took a major hit. From shuttered small businesses to higher unemployment, the adversities were felt across broad swathes of the economy. 2020 was filled with question marks and pessimism. However, with the progress on coronavirus vaccines, In 2021 people are more optimistic, the world finally saw a ray of hope amidst the dark clouds of uncertainty.

The rollout of the vaccine will help to steady the ship socially and economically, steer things positively, restore confidence and increase economic activity. The vaccination will eliminate fear, as a good chunk of the population gets vaccinated, employees can rejoin the workforce. Furthermore, the move to vaccinate those over the age of 18 ensures a large portion of younger individuals can get back to work. As a result, there’s a boost in consumption patterns, breathing life into all sectors of the economy. This leads to a gradual recovery process. Consumers and employees reduce transmission, which might permit activity to return to a certain degree of normalcy, with low chances of triggering repeated waves of infection.

Being on the path of recovery means international investors show interest in investing. This boosts the share market and increases foreign direct investment.

Other major hit segments like retail, consumer durables, real estate, FMCG, textile, travel, etc. can expect employees to return to work and expect a boost. Naturally, as the economy’s wheels set in motion, buyer demand also increases.  

The only remaining barrier is public reticence to the COVID-19 vaccine. Though a taxing journey, for a speedy recovery, vaccines are the game-changers. 

Loop Health’s Corporate Covid Vaccination Program 

Loop Health launched a public corporate vaccination program in March 2021. Where we’re actively vaccinating employees for organizations situated in Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore, with other cities coming soon.

As an HR or business owner, you can now get bulk vaccination slots for your employees and their families, who are over the age of 18. It’s a hassle-free, smooth and seamless process that eases the process as well as encourages citizens to get back to work and help boost the economy to a healthy return.  

Of course, before, during, and after the vaccination process, you and your employees will have numerous concerns and questions. Loop Health offers a dedicated medical advisor who is with you at every step from start to finish of your vaccination journey.

How it works is once your company is registered by filling form, each employee is assigned a dedicated medical advisor. You can reach them via the Loop Health App on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Within 15 minutes you can connect with Loop's medical team via video call to discuss anything from post-vaccination follow-ups to care-routing to vaccine centers to do's and don'ts to medical queries related to the COVID-19 vaccine and more

The value added benefit of doctor consultations pre & post vaccination lets you connect with experienced professionals from the comfort of your home at any hour you please. Along with convenience, tele consultations instantly stops any risk of infections from the doctor’s clinic. In a short span of time you stand a better chance of identifying your symptoms and the causes and avoid unnecessary scares with self-diagnosis. Through Loop Health, you have access to specialists for speciality care who may be even further out of range. From the start of your COVID-19 vaccination journey till the end you can ensure you have continuity of care.    


The aim is to assist organizations with mass vaccinations without compromising on quality assistance and care. Organizations can ensure fewer sick personnel, improved productivity, decreased leaves and a healthy, motivated workforce.    


Since its launch, there have been over 50 companies including Knorr Bremse, Shoptimize, and Helpshift who have registered.

The program strictly follows all guidelines of the Government of India and provides a timeline for vaccination, approved procedures, etc. An added benefit that your organization and employees get is effective round-the-clock care with Loop's medical advisors. 

How Will The Vaccine Help Your Organization Or Business

There is a direct link between businesses and the coronavirus vaccine in terms of mutual benefit. While the former can soon return to the ordinary course of things with the vaccine, its propagation and use can help build higher vaccine adoption and trust across countries. Here’s how businesses can profit from getting vaccinated. 

1. Build employee trust

Whether employees return to the office or not, recommending vaccination to them could help a business gain their trust. It is a direct way to show you care for their well-being. In the volatile world of today, retaining the workforce and ensuring their health could help businesses prosper largely in the future.

2. Contribute towards higher vaccine adoption

According to the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, coronavirus vaccines can help the world return to normalcy if you achieve herd immunity. This is possible through higher vaccine adoption. By recommending or even mandating vaccination for employees, businesses can drive better vaccine adoption and trust.

3. Drive/recover profits

By branding an all-vaccinated workforce, small businesses such as spas and hotels can recover customer faith and thereby resume operations. It’s statistically proven that getting vaccinated reduces the chances of infection, and this alone can help businesses in regaining customer faith and profits.

4. Influence customer behavior and trend

As consumers are still wary (and rightly so) of stepping foot outside, several businesses are suffering the brunt of slower sales. However, by getting vaccinations in place for employees, businesses can influence customer behavior and encourage better trust. This will also help them build customer loyalty in the long run. 

5. Less missed time

Employers can ensure they have their staff at full strength, able and willing to work to their full potential. They’ll be able to reduce costs by decreasing time missed from work due to illnesses, etc. and in turn, focus on improved productivity for generating business. 

By planning a vaccination strategy for employees and customers, businesses can recover their financial position and aid in flattening the COVID curve in their individual capacities.

Strength In Numbers

Always keep this in mind - don’t predict the course of this pandemic. What you can do is vaccinate yourself so the virus becomes less of a threat to life. No matter your country’s current transmission scenario, you are in this for the long haul. You have to continue to stand together to help slow the spread of coronavirus and protect yourselves, your families, and your communities. Together, forward in the fight against COVID-19.

Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Program
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Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Program
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