Top 5 Best Group Health Insurance Brokers In India

Are you looking for the top 5 best Group Health Insurance Brokers in India? Here's the comprehensive list of the most recommended and highly reviewed group health insurance brokers of the year
Team Loop Health
June 10, 2021

With health insurance, there’s no better time to purchase group health insurance policies than now. But rushing and choosing the wrong one can be a costly mistake. Conversely, the right health plan provides a plethora of benefits insurance for a group of people. It offers much-needed protection, mental stability, boosts employee morale, enhances productivity, and improves retention rate thereby helping your business grow.

By comparing plans from some of the best insurance companies, you can find coverage that works in your favor and fits your budget.

Here’s a list of the best group health insurance companies, both retail and group health insurance, so you know where to begin your search and find what you need.

Top 5 Health Insurance Brokers in India:

1. Loop Health

Founded in 2018, Loop Health is one of the fastest-growing health insurance providers in the country. It is the first company in India with an in-house medical team of its own. The company provides varied group health insurance plans at competitive rates. It also extends personalized health benefits along with dedicated support.

In addition to hospitalization coverage and more, Loop Health offers memberships with unlimited OPD consults and holistic wellness plans for employers. The company has its own app along with an easy-to-use interface and a 24/7 support team for guidance. It has a Pan-India presence and serves customers across all states in the country.

Much to the delight of customers, Loop Health is working towards providing affordable health facilities by incentivizing doctors to keep patients healthy, and not only care for them when they’re sick - a part that most other insurance brokers don’t offer. Similarly, in case of hospitalization, they ensure free claim assistance and expert help round-the-clock.

Fueled by a mission to revolutionize healthcare in India, Loop Health has already made a steady start towards it.

2. Policybazaar

Policybazaar started out as an insurance comparison website in 2008 and has today grown to be a household name. It is one of the most trusted online marketplaces in the insurance domain and is an IRDAI registered insurance aggregator. The company also has its own app. It has tie-ups with over 40 insurance providers and enables users to compare various health insurance plans and buy the customized plans online.

As against platforms such as Loop Health, Policybazaar, however, isn’t focused on health insurance alone and can lead to a diluted experience for those seeking health insurance advice.

3. Plum

One of the most promising start-ups in the health insurance sector, Plum offers employee health insurance and group mediclaim insurance schemes to companies. It is focused on building newer health insurance products for SMEs with teams as small as seven employees and higher.

The platform boasts real-time insurance design and pricing and enables companies to buy insurance without hassles. It has over 600 organizations on board at present. The start-up is now looking to scale its engineering, business development, and operations.

4. Coverfox

Coverfox made humble beginnings in 2013 with an aim to make insurance simple for one and all. The company has grown manifolds over the years. It provides a comprehensive list of health insurance providers and policies to buyers and allows them to pick suitable plans. The platform boasts an algorithm that matches one’s specific needs and criteria and offers several benefits and discounts to the buyers.

Coverfox provides both individual health insurance as well as group insurance plans; however, much like Policybazaar, it doesn’t come with a focus on health insurance alone.

5. Probus

Touted to be one of the fastest-growing insurance broker in the country, Probus provides a range of health insurance plans. The company did not have an online presence initially; however, with the rapid growth of the insurance sector, it soon branched out in the virtual sector. It offers buyers an option to compare plans, receive claim assistance, and free expert advice.

The company also ensures 100% data security. It provides individual as well as group medical insurance plans and boasts 18 years of operational excellence in total.

Find Your Match

Securing the right insurance plan is crucial. And group health insurance brokers provide the benefit of analytical comparisons, best market prices, and solicited advice under one hub.

Platforms such as Loop Health are the best insurance solution right now in the market. It not only caters to the insurance needs of buyers but also provides holistic wellness options to help them stay fit. It also covers pre-existing diseases from the first day only.

Compare health insurance plans and secure the health of you and your loved ones today.

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