Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner

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Medline India, top healthcare services firm has announced an partnership with Loop Health to provide health insurance to every Medline employee.

Medline India, top healthcare services firm has announced an partnership with Loop Health to provide health insurance to every Medline employee.

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June 3, 2021
Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner
Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner

About Medline India:

Tracing their roots back to 1910, this family-led business started as one of the small businesses cum manufacturer of uniforms, surgical gowns, and aprons and has grown to a flourishing healthcare enterprise.

Today, Medline healthcare services, headquartered in Northfield, Chicago, Illinois, is United States's largest as well as a global distributor and manufacturer serving the health care industry with clinical solutions and medical supplies.

At present, they manufacture and distribute over 350,000 medical products. This includes one of the largest textile lines in the industry and medical-surgical items.

In North America, Medline has 7 manufacturing facilities besides 25+ joint venture manufacturing plants and 43+ distribution centers across the globe. Further, over the years, they conduct business in over 27 European countries, where the primary business is manufacturing and distribution facilities. To help easily facilitate European distribution, manufacturing, and sales, they have over 160 account managers and product specialists, and 1,000 associates.

With over 54 years of experience and knowledge in the business, and consistent hard work by their dedicated staff coupled with their honest values has led to the sales in 2020 crossing the $16 billion mark worldwide. This accounts for them as being one of the top-tier market shareholders amongst a dozen other major medical product categories around the world.  

In 2010, Medline Industries India Private Limited set up its India operations in Pune, Maharashtra. Along with serving as an offshore development center, this office augments resources for Medline Industries India Pvt Ltd in Chicago. In the future, their massive growth plans include supporting Information Technology (IT) functions and other business functionalities.

About Loop Health:

Loop Health is one of the health insurance companies founded in 2018 by Mayank Kale and Ryan Singh. We’re the first health insurance broker who has an in-house medical team that plays a role of a family doctor. We’ve brought together primary care physicians, specialty networks, and health insurers under one roof.

We’re working on creating a health assurance system where both insurers and physicians are involved in customers’ well-being and health in the long term. In addition to this, we’re adding a layer of preventive care by emphasizing health rather than sickness.  

The belief system that forms the foundation of our company is that health benefits should be simple, useful, and holistic. In essence, this means easy-to-understand group health insurance plans and benefits, tools that help you save money and time, and fantastic doctors to help you stay on top of your health plan.

Onboarded clients can gain access to a dedicated medical advisor for every employee, free teleconsultations, additional health and wellness benefit package like engaging fitness sessions, reduce absenteeism, mental health consults, meditation sessions, diet and nutrition sessions, discounts on medicines, and lab tests, and affordable care planning.  

Loop Health is a Y Combinator, Sierra Ventures funded venture along with other well-known investors in the industry like Elevation Capital, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, and more. Similarly, we work with companies that care. A few of them are Mswipe, GE,,, Weikfield, Help Shift, Knorr-Bremse.

Today, we have 180+ companies, 150+ HRs, 60,000+ happy employees, and over 11+ consultations.

We’re on a mission to bring value and quality back to healthcare. More than claims, our clients trust us as we give them better guidance for improved health outcomes, better care, and lower costs.

Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner:

Recently, Medline Industries India Pvt Ltd, a leading healthcare company providing quality medical and surgical supplies, and Loop Health, a technology-driven health benefits provider, announced an exclusive partnership to provide group health coverage to all Medline India employees.

This partnership aims to help all the 800+ Medline India employees and their families live healthier lives. As a result, Loop Health takes care of Medline employee benefits. This is achievable because of the extensive premium coverage for hospitalizations, and unlimited free-of-cost primary care, bundled in a single package. This leads to smooth recruiting and retaining of employees.

Loop Health brings a unique approach to employee health insurance by bundling in primary care, medical advice, and mental health counseling for free. With a vast network of cashless hospitals, a team of experienced doctors, Loop Health aims to reduce claims for Medline insurance by routing hospitalizations effectively.

What Does Loop Health’s CEO, Mayank Kale Say?

Mr. Mayank Kale, Loop Health business owner said,‘’ We are looking forward to helping all Medline employees live healthier lives. The team is eager to assist them in time of medical needs."

Are You Looking For A Health Benefits Partner As Well?

With Loop Health helping Medline manage their healthcare benefits this year, the company expects to engage more employees on their health. The HR leader at Medline believes Loop Health can support Medline's internal initiatives to cultivate a healthier, happier, and more productive team by offering health insurance services.

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Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner
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Medline India Selects Loop Health As Health Benefits Partner
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