Product Partner Program

For HR Professionals

Help build better products - for yourself and the HR community!

The future of HR tools, in your hands.

The role of an HR is extremely difficult. At Loop, we take that seriously.
Now, with Product Partner Program, you get to collaborate with us and help build tools that would fit your needs!

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Be a part of our usability tests.

Get a sneak peek of new features we’re working on

Give us your honest feedback

Collaborate with our product team to help build tools that would make your life easier

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Engage in foundational research.

Help us understand your needs and your employees’ needs through in-depth and meaningful conversations

Assist in identifying gaps in our tools and services

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co-creation workshops.

Collaborate with other HRs (psst... networking opportunity) in a fun event and come up with ideas

Attend it online or in-person

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What’s in it for me?

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Stay at the forefront, express your needs, and we will build it for you!

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Build your professional network and online presence

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Get an assured gift card for your time!

See for yourself!

Snapshots from our previous events! Happy clients :)

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Be a superhero for your employees by signing up below!

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