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Real-time Diabetes Support

Created for families with Type 2 and Pre-Diabetes.

Free for a month

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How we simplify diabetes for you

1-1 Constant Coach Support


She helps you manage your blood sugar through weekly video calls & whatsapp check-ins.

HEENA KUKREJA, Loop Medical Advisor
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10 years of experience

Certified Diabetes Educator & Certified Biotechnologist

Expert Doctor Support


She understands your medical history & coordinates with your coach.

Dr. Shweta Chopra 10 years of experience
Dr. Shweta Chopra
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10 years of experience

MD (Medicine)
PGD (Diabetes and Endocrinology)

Achievable Weekly Plans

FOR Weight loss, craving-CONTROL, redUCING medS, AND more

Your Coach sets 12 Weekly Plans with you. Designed to reach your targets, at your pace.

achievable weekly plans

Get to the sweet side in less than a minute:

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Book the 1st slot with your Coach and Doctor

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Get a free at-home Hb1Ac test

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Receive your 1st Weekly Plan & start your journey

Why Sugar Care

Diabetes means too many lifestyle changes to control your blood sugar. It's difficult to start or continue them.

Our goal is simple: Work with you to make those changes as pleasant & easy as possible, taking it one step at a time.

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Whether you’re

We’ve got you covered!

Only 15 slots open

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With Sugar Care, you also get:

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Discounted at-home lab tests

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Discounted medication

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Access to our trusted network of doctors via app

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Is Sugar Care completely free?

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Sounds too good to be true, but it is absolutely free for 1 month! 

How long does Sugar Care last?

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12 Weeks. We recommend following through to see real results. 

How is Sugar Care structured?

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After signing up, you first consult with the Doctor and then the Coach. 

The Doctor passes her diagnosis, analysis and plan of action to the Coach. 

After this, you have your 1st Coach consult. She discusses your own targets (controlling blood sugar, weight loss, etc.) and optimizes them with the doctor’s recommendations.

What are Achievable Weekly Plans?

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Your Coach and you have 12 Weekly Video Call Catch-ups. 

In each video call, you set Weekly Plans which would include mini targets you have to achieve. These would be extremely specific targets according to your motivation level, and what you can control in your daily life. 

Your Coach proactively messages you on Whatsapp to check up on you every alternative day, to motivate you. You can also message your Coach for any questions-big or small.

Whatsapp Group Challenges

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Your progress will be tracked, you will have the option to enter group challenges with other members and win rewards that excite you!

Who is eligible for Sugar Care?

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Anyone who has Type 2 Diabetes or is Pre-Diabetic. Of any age. 

We don’t manage Type 1 and Gestational Diabetes as of now.

I have other health issues, will I also receive care for that? (eg: hypertension and cholesterol)

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Our Doctor and Coaches are qualified to factor in any other conditions and give recommendations, plans and solutions that don’t affect those conditions.

I’m not that comfortable with using technology, can I still sign up?

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If you use Whatsapp, this programme will be very comfortable for you. We want to make this as accessible as possible. If you can type on whatsapp and send voice notes, you will have no issues. 

The weekly calls take place on Google Meet. You can choose to download the app here or simply click on the link you will get in your email and SMS.

Have more questions?

Read the full FAQs here