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Ishwari Chandrakar, Hr Manager at Livio

“Our employees love Loop’s wellness sessions, and health check-up camps.”

Ishwari Chandekar
HR Manager, Livio
Deepak Nair testimonial

“Since we've partnered with Loop, we've seen a 180° turn in employee satisfaction. All the hassles are now negligible.”

Deepak Rajan Nair
HR Manager, Rivulus Irrigation
Rosetta Fernandes, HR manager at Vedam Design

“The medical advisors and in-house doctor consultations has been exceptional.”

Rosetta Fernandes
HR Manager, Vedam Design
Komal Iyer, HR Manager, ChaiKapi Pvt Ltd.

“With Loop, we have been able to up our employee satisfaction rate with regards to healthcare”

Komal Iyer
HR Manager, ChaiKapi Pvt Ltd.
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Can you access your past doctor consultation prescriptions?

Yes, if you download the Loop app, you can view all your past doctor consultation prescriptions in the “visits” tab.

Can you see other policy details in the Loop app, such as GPA, Covid policy, and GTL?

No, you cannot access such information or view other policy details in the Loop app.

Does Loop have doctors who can speak regional languages?

Yes, Loop has doctors who can speak various regional languages. You can pick one as per your comfort level.

Can I view my claims history in the Loop app?

The Loop app does not provide information on claims.

How do you use Clove dental Agarwal eye clinic services using the Loop app?

To use Clove dental Agarwal eye clinic services, you must first contact your medical advisor, who will then guide you about the process.

How can you order medicines through the Loop app?

The way to order medicines through the Loop app is to get in touch with your medical advisor. They will provide proper guidance.

How can you resolve my medical queries in the Loop App?

If you have any medical queries, your first point of contact on the Loop app is your dedicated Medical Advisor (MA). They're available 24X7 to help with all your needs. Once you login, you can instantly chat with them and find a solution.

What are the features of the Loop app?

 By downloading the Loop app, you can get access to the following:  

  • Book doctor consultations
  • Book lab tests
  • View your eCards
  • Get 24X7 claims support

What is wellness at Loop Health?

Wellness at Loop Health engages employees. The sessions target the ‘need of the hour’ issues to enhance individual well-being, and help members achieve and sustain a healthier, happier life.

How many wellness events does Loop host in a month?

Typically, we conduct wellness sessions twice a month, every alternate Friday.

What are the kinds of wellness events?

The wellness events Loop conducts ranges from mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, social well-being, on-site drives, and more. We even customize sessions according to your company’s needs.

Are the wellness sessions chargeable?

For member companies, all events are free of cost.

Where can you reach the wellness session speakers?

You can reach the wellness session speakers by downloading the Loop Health app and booking a 1:1 free consultation. These consultations are unlimited for all members.

What are the benefits of wellness events?

Wellness events give you access to a wide range of sessions from experienced professionals, who through live sessions provide tips, tricks, and advice on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How does Loop conduct wellness sessions?

 As per your organization’s requirement, we host the wellness sessions on ground/onsite or virtually. 

What are newsletters and how many does Loop send?

The newsletter contains tips and tricks for members to effectively deal with the daily hustle and how to maintain a healthy life. We send them out every Wednesday.

How can you get in touch with the wellness team?

 You can reach the wellness team by emailing them at

What is the best way for you to invite our team members?

When you purchase a group health insurance policy by Loop, you get a scheduled day for an onboarding event with us. Before this day, you must share your employee data with our onboarding team to invite them.

How can our team members self-onboard?

We will send every employee an email about the details of their policy and card, which they can access from the Loop app. To self-onboard, you need to download the Loop app.

What are the questions you will ask our team members during the onboarding process?

During the onboarding process, your team can expect simple questions such as employee details including, name, enrolment members, mobile numbers, and email IDs.

What is the procedure for removing a team member?

You can easily delete team members from the HR dashboard.

What is the procedure for adding a team member?

You can easily enrol your team members from the HR dashboard.

When is a team member's membership activated?

The Loop team will share an e-policy card that members can access from the Loop app. Post this, the membership is active.  

I did not enrol my spouse or child during the first onboarding process. What's the best way to include them?

In general, health insurance policies don’t allow you to enrol your spouse or child once the onboarding is complete unless you’re newly married or have a newborn child. 

If you get Loop Health’s group health insurance, you can enrol anytime you want.

Where can you get a copy of your health insurance card?

You can find a copy of your health insurance card on the Loop app. Once you log in, you need to click on the insurance tab and then view the card.

What documents do you require for raising a claim?

To raise a claim, you need the following documents: 

  • Identity proof issued by the government
  • Proof of residence and employer address
  • 6-month salary slip 
  • Signed claim form with the details of the claim for reimbursement
  • Printout of form 2A 

How do group health insurance claims work?

 There are two types of claims - cashless claims and reimbursement claims. Both work differently. 

  • Cashless claims - In the cashless claims option, the insurer directly makes payment to the network hospital with you paying a minimal amount. For this to be possible, you must visit a network hospital that’s a part of your provider’s network hospital. Your group health plan must cover the condition you or your family member is diagnosed with. 
  • Reimbursement claims - In this process, you can visit any hospital of your choice, undergo treatment, and make the payment as usual. After your discharge, you can contact your insurer and file for a reimbursement claim along with the necessary documents. Upon approval, the amount will be transferred to your account.

What is the maximum number of claims allowed under group health insurance?

There’s no limit on the number of group health insurance claims you can register during your policy’s term. You can make claims until you exhaust your total sum insured. 

Is no-claim bonus available with group health insurance?

No, group policies don’t come with a no-claim bonus benefit.

How long will it take to approve my cashless claim?

Typically, we settle group health insurance cashless claims in 3 to 4 working hours. The TAT starts when the hospital sends the documents to the TPA.  

When is the claim processing time?

The standard reimbursement claim processing time is 3 to 4 working weeks.

What happens if you’re admitted for less than 24 hrs?

Daycare procedures require you to be admitted in hospital for under 24 hours. Typically, if you’re admitted for under 24 hours and the procedure you’re undergoing is not covered under the daycare list, then it’s not eligible for a claim. In order to make a claim, the minimum period for hospitalization is 24 hours or the procedure should fall under the daycare list.

Can you claim from more than 2 insurance policies?

As an individual, you can have more than one insurance policy. It’s completely legal. You can use more than one policy, as and when you need. This also means you can claim from either one or both policies, albeit a few conditions. What you need to remember is - you cannot raise the same claim with two different insurers and you cannot claim more than the sum assured. However, if the expenses you incur exceed the sum insured, you can use the second policy to pay the remainder amount.

What do you mean by pre and post hospitalization expenses?

Pre-hospitalization expenses are medical costs the insured incurs before hospitalization like X-rays, urine tests, blood tests, etc. 

Post-hospitalization are the expenses after discharge like consultation fees, the cost of medicines, diagnostic charges, etc.  

Both these costs are covered under a group health insurance plan.

Does a cashless claim mean you don’t have to pay a single rupee?

Not all medical expenses are covered by group health insurance plans. Therefore, when you make a claim, there are some deductions because of non-admissible services or items. For example, certain services like admission fees, registration fees, etc. do not fall under the umbrella of coverage. Hence, as the insured, you need to pay for some non-medical or payable expenses. In comparison with reimbursement claims, these costs are minimal.

How to join Loop’s HR community?

You can join Loop’s exclusive HR community and stay up to date about trending HR topics and other insightful information. Here’s how: 

Why should you join Loop’s HR community?

When you join Loop’s HR community, you can be a part of the monthly HR meetups (virtually as of now). Here you can discuss hot topics where experts share their views. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn or Twitter page for announcements.

What are the clinical services Loop offers members?

All of Loop’s members can access the following services:

  • 24x7 chat support with a medical advisor about any health concerns or queries
  • Unlimited free online consultations with our doctors
  • Get assistance to book lab tests at home

Are all the services free?

There are unlimited, free doctor consultations and chats with the medical advisor. The lab tests are at discounted prices for our members, with a concierge booking service from our team.

How can you chat with a Medical Advisor?

The MA (medical advisor) chat is accessible via the Loop app. Log in to the app, and on the homepage, tap on your medical advisor’s name and you can chat with them 24x7. You will receive notifications for their replies. Once done, they will close the chat from their end.

How can you book a consultation with a Loop doctor?

 You can book a consultation with a Loop doctor via the Loop App. 

  • On the home page, click on doctor consultations. 
  • Select a specialty, and choose your doctor. 
  • Choose your preferred time slot. 

Your consultation will start appearing under “visits” on the app.

What types of doctors are available on the Loop app?

We have empathetic, experienced doctors in the following specialties:

  • General physician
  • Diabetologists
  • Dermatologists
  • Women’s wellness
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Pediatrics

How can you book a lab test?

Login to the Loop app and select “Book Lab Tests”. Then choose “Request a call from the MA (medical advisor).” Over the call, they will set up the time slot for lab sample collection and help with payment too.