Top 10 Best Company Perks To Boost Productivity In 2023

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Are you struggling to find top company perks for your employees? We've got your back. Inside you'll find top 10 popular perks in 2023. Continue reading

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December 30, 2022
Top 10 Best Company Perks To Boost Productivity In 2023
Top 10 Best Company Perks To Boost Productivity In 2023

As a part of the human resources team, you’re always looking for the perfect mix of benefits ✨, incentives, and policies to boost employee productivity. 

It’s no secret that company perks and benefits do more than just make your recruitment process easier. They make employees happy and healthy, and benefit-rich employees are naturally more productive.

Some of the best employee perks help employees stay longer and help the ⭕ circle of happiness and productivity continue.

But with company benefits and perks, there are so many out there, making it difficult to pick the ones that are truly helpful to your organization. Especially if you have limited resources both, time-wise and monetarily. You want to zero in and focus on things that will really move the needle 🪡 with productivity.

Are you providing the employee benefits your staff wants and deserves? Let’s find out.

Quick Summary

In this article, you’ll see:

  • 🪄 What are company perks?
  • 💭 Why should firms provide company perks?
  • 🔟 Top 10 best company perks and benefits

🪄 What Are Company Perks? 🪄

Company perks are perquisites organizations offer that go beyond salary like employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, mental health consults, paid time, etc. They assist employees to maintain high productivity and performance levels.

It’s an important aspect of company culture. Benefits, on the other hand, like group health insurance, are essential and mandatory.  

💭Why Should Firms Provide Company Perks?💭

Company perks can help make an organization very attractive to potential candidates. They make top talent feel supported, appreciated, and valued. All this ensures that employees demonstrate higher retention, engagement, productivity, and performance.  

Retaining Your Best Employees

Retaining Your Best Employees

A quick and easy-to-read guide for retaining your best-performing employees

🔟Top 10 Best Company Perks And Benefits🔟

1. 🏥 Health insurance  

Offering health insurance plans to your workforce shows you care about them. This care translates into employees who are more loyal and productive.

Remember, company perks examples as health insurance are not a one-size-fits-all option. It varies from industry to industry and organization to organization. Depending on your staff, you must pick customized plans to make them successful and see results like a 📈 boost in productivity.

Give comprehensive health benefits to everyone in your team with Loop group health insurance plans. It’s a win-win situation for everyone if employees are healthy, happy and require fewer sick days.

2. 🔮 Preventive care

As the age-old adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ To this day and age, it holds true. Along with group health insurance, ensure you pick a partner who offers preventive care.

Preventive care is when you treat employees to remain healthy and not just when they’re sick. This way, you can ensure that your workforce is not skipping work due to many avoidable illnesses like headaches and fever. And when they come to work, they put in more than their 💯% because they feel good.  

We’ve got a host of resources on preventive care. From What Is Preventive Health Check-up, And What Are Its Pros to the Importance Of Preventive Healthcare For Employees In India, you can read it all here.

3. 💖 Wellness sessions 

With so much to get done in just a 9-hour window, you have no time to waste. This leaves you sitting at your desk all day behind a computer screen typing away, chatting with clients, and more. 

A sedentary lifestyle is bad for both your physical and mental health. The right wellness programs have the power to lead to meaningful behavior change.

Wellness is not just on-site workout spaces or hitting the gym. It is so much more. Effective wellness programs address and promote holistic dimensions of wellbeing. This includes seven dimensions - vocational, environmental, spiritual, financial, social, physical, and mental. ➿

Best company benefits and perks include wellness programs focused on all these dimensions via exercise programs, leadership, professional development, financial wellness, stress management, mindful sleep, mental health consults, etc. This results in a well-rounded workforce ready to contribute more and better work.

🔆 Wellness programs go hand-in-hand with group health insurance and preventive care. They reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and help build and sustain high employee morale.
With Loop, get free wellness sessions for your team, 4x a month! 🔆

4. 💪 Flexible working 

The idea behind flexible working hours is simple: do away with the traditional 9 to 5 work hours. In the modern workplace, it may not mean the best working window for your team.

Everyone has a different body clock ⌚. Some people are ☀️ early risers and like to get a head start on work, while others are most efficient when they burn the midnight oil 🌃. To maximize productivity, you must play to the strength of your employees.  

How much flexibility you give is up to you, your company culture, and the nature of your business. But consider implementing flexibility to some degree.

With flexibility, employees have a work-life balance, and the time to do other things like to attend family activities or avoid peak traffic hour commute. The result is a happier workforce 😁 who can control their schedule work during their optimal work hours.

Yes, I Want Company Perks

5. 🏠 Remote work

With the stigma of working from home long gone, akin to flexibility in work hours, give your staff the chance to work remotely. Whether from home or a coffee shop 🍵, they can find a spot where they’re most effective and productive. Allow them to find better working times and rhythms so they do their best.

Besides, giving your employees this freedom shows you have a certain level of trust in them, and they will reciprocate the same. Rather than facing burnout, they will enjoy their work and look forward to it.

Again, depending on the nature of your business, you can have the entire office work 100% remotely, or you can install a hybrid model with three days of remote work, or you can have some teams work remotely while others come to the office.  

Employee Well-being Guide

Employee Well-being Guide

Wellness tips that effectively help you deal with burnout and its underlying stress.

6. Team building activities 

Does it seem odd to indulge in fun and games 🏏 to increase productivity? No, not really. Think about it - your staff is working all week to help boost your bottom line, in return, they need to take a step back from the daily grind, refresh their mind, bond with colleagues, and just have a bit of fun. 🎉

The benefits of fun at work go beyond productivity. It helps foster a positive work environment and culture, enhances team collaboration, helps improve efficiency, pushes your workers to work harder, and more.  

The activities don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. It can be a simple cake 🎂 in the office, a daily walk around a nearby park 🏞️, team lunches 🍕, etc.

Either way, the activity must achieve two things - first, it needs to bring the team together in a non-work environment, and second, it needs to be fun.

7. 📚 Learning opportunities 

Especially in the work setting, humans like to learn because they want to grow and reach greater heights.🪴

Perks offered by companies like this give your employees the opportunity to either upskill or advance in their current roles. So their skill set becomes stronger, and your team will gradually grow stronger. You boost the morale of your employees and their productivity.

Whether it’s social networking opportunities or sponsoring staff to pursue new, advanced degrees, it’s totally up to you. As long as you offer some form of professional development, your employee will appreciate it.

8. 🛋️ Regular breaks

Like flexibility, there’s a traditional notion that only those who sit at their desks from dawn till dusk are go-getters, work hard, and are super productive. Unfortunately, this school of thought is skewed.

To be productive, you need to refresh and rest your mind. Here’s where top company perks like breaks come in handy. Similar to team-building activities, brakes allow you to hit pause ⏸️ on work and indulge in watercooler talk.

This way, rather than hitting yourself to the ground until you hit burnout, you get to do both - have broken as well as be productive.

A handy framework you can use is the Pomodoro Technique, several CEOs use it too. We’ve got more about it in the guide below. Download it now!

Workplace wellness playbook

Workplace wellness playbook

Effective and easy to implant strategies to reduce absenteeism

9. 🍉 Healthy snacks and food

With hectic work schedules, eating healthy is a challenge. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a fresh smoothie 🍹 to kick start the day? Or munch on some delicious, refreshing salad 🥗 for lunch? If you’re thinking yes, that’s exactly how your employees feel too!

An on-site cafeteria or a tie-up with outside vendors gives employees easy access to healthy snacks and food.

Such superfoods help fuel the body with the right nutrients, which keeps them active both physically and mentally, thus promoting productivity. Beyond productivity, it shows you care about their health, which is always an added bonus.

10. 🏢 Work environment

A pleasant work environment is essential for employee productivity and to achieve your business goals. 🎯  

So, how conducive is your environment? Is the temperature salubrious or is it too hot or cold? Are you giving your employees the right tools and gadgets to get the job done? Is your office furniture ergonomic and comfortable?  

It’s easy to assume that people will be happy with the basics. But, considering they’re spending or using the office all day, you can ensure the surroundings are comfortable and conducive.

Feel free to talk to your staff about their needs so you can offer a setup that suits them. Think outside the box for office perks for employees like this - make 🖥️ standing desks, a sofa 🛋️ to relax on, a break room, etc.

🏆 Unique Company Perks For The Win! 🏆

After all, it’s the 21st century and job candidates expect much more than a competitive salary. And with a fluid job market, it’s your call on the company perks you would like to offer.

The bottom line is, that no matter what office perks you offer, you should tailor them to your workforce for you to see thriving, productive results. ➕

The first step to take is to set up the best office perks like a comprehensive group health policy for your team with added benefits. It helps protect your employees while extending care to their families too.

This leaves your workforce in a state of mind that ensures they can contribute to their daily tasks, productively, with no distractions.

🟢 Loop will supercharge your workforce and give them the productivity boost they need. Talk to our experts today. 🟢

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Top 10 Best Company Perks To Boost Productivity In 2023
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