How Employee Engagement Paves The Way To Corporate Success

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2 min. read on the importance of employee engagement for an organization.

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December 21, 2022
How Employee Engagement Paves The Way To Corporate Success
How Employee Engagement Paves The Way To Corporate Success

Employee Engagement in a nutshell

What is employee engagement really? It can be best described as the relationship between the employee & the organization. An engaged employee looks towards aiding in improvement of the organization. He/She is focused & enthusiastic about the roles & responsibilities towards their respective organization. 

As it's already known, organizations that invest in employee engagement see good results in productivity, quality of work & retention. Employee engagement is a great measure of work satisfaction rate in the organization. Interestingly, it is also very common for the employee engagement to be positive in the organization but for the employees themselves not to feel completely engaged. Why? Because many employees have come to expect little more than a salary and occasional birthday celebration in the office. There is a pervasive lack of recognition by managers, true excitement about the role, or misalignment with the organization’s mission.

Employee Retention

HRs are tasked with improving employee engagement & retention of employees in the organization. High engagement brings down the cost for hiring as engaged employees prefer to stay with the organization in spite of having attractive offers from other organizations. They are more committed & motivated towards their employer which helps the business to achieve its set of goals.

Employee engagement handbook

Employee engagement handbook

A playbook for modern HR leaders to boost employee engagement with actionable solutions.

Employee Productivity

An engaged employee is more productive than the rest of the employees, as he/she utilizes the time more towards increasing the work quality & efficiency. Also, by engaging the employees the organization actually ensures that the employee is not working in silo & is properly aligned with his/her respective personal & organizational goals.

According to Harvard Business Review, organizations that engage employees have double the rate of success compared to less engaged organizations. It is often witnessed that less engaged employees get-by their work-day by just doing the bare minimum, whereas engaged employees focus & put in the extra effort in their work. The study also found out that organizations with highly engaged employees reported fewer safety incidents at the workplace. 

As we move forward in these evolving times, the organizations will have to ensure that they carve out tangible policies & strategies that focus on employee engagement & benefits, beyond the routine activities, events & holidays provided by the organization. 

How Employee Engagement Paves The Way To Corporate Success
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How Employee Engagement Paves The Way To Corporate Success

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