15 Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas To Boost Productivity

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Looking for Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas? You’re in the right place! Inside you will find 15 exciting quiz ideas to boost productivity. Read to know

Looking for Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas? You’re in the right place! Inside you will find 15 exciting quiz ideas to boost productivity. Read to know

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March 15, 2022
15 Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas To Boost Productivity
15 Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas To Boost Productivity
Imagine an activity that boosts productivity, increases team spirit, entertains and educates your workforce!

A fun employee engagement quiz does exactly this for your company!

Employee engagement is the strength of the emotional and mental connection employees feel towards their company, their teams, and the work they do.

While you can do a lot to increase employee engagement, one of the more offbeat and fun options is to introduce a fun quiz for employees.

Think of a quiz for corporate employees such as a trivia night, an ice breaker round, or simply a test of general knowledge! They’re simple, cost-effective, yet impactful ways to boost employee engagement.

Quick summary

Unlock your team's full potential with these 15 fun employee engagement quiz ideas to boost productivity. Learn more about:

  • What are the best topics for a fun employee engagement quiz?
  • How to create a fun employee engagement quiz?
  • Top 15 best fun employee engagement quiz ideas

What Are The Best Topics For A Fun Employee Engagement Quiz?

Looking for inspiration? Here are some topics to organize a quiz in your company:

1. Sports:

From basketball to football to cricket, everyone has a favorite sport they like to watch or play. It’s time to put their knowledge to the test and see how much your employees really know about their go-to sport. Find out which individual or team hit the home run, slam dunk, or whatever you want to call it!

2. General knowledge:

Any form of a quiz is incomplete without some good old general knowledge topics. From history to music to geography, you can gather a great mix of brain-teasing fun quiz questions for employees that will trigger off nostalgia and take your employee back to their school and college days.

3. Movies or shows:

Do some of your employees consider themselves film aficionados? It’s time to challenge them. Gather your employees, team them up or play individually and ask questions on specific movies or shows or general questions and see who is victorious. Don’t forget to keep some popcorn handy!  

4. Coworker:

Once hired, an employee needs to get to know their team. You can host a quiz night and ask employees simple, fun questions about one another. Getting to each other helps build a rapport, boosts teamwork and thus yields better results for your organization.

Why is employee engagement important to a company's success? Learn more here.

How To Create A Fun Employee Engagement Quiz?

Now that you know the topics to hold a quiz on, here is how you can create a quiz in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Research about your employees:

Every worksite differs from another. Similarly, every employee is different. Thus, you need a thorough understanding of the employees you have in your company. Find out about their likes and interests so you can prepare a quiz accordingly.

Step 2: Decide on the type of quiz:

Quizzes are of different kinds. Do you want to host a trivia quiz or a pulse survey? Do you want your quiz to be in the style of an employee survey or employee feedback? The possibilities are endless, and you need to plan the type of quiz you want to conduct.

Step 3: Choose a theme and design your questions:

Once you’ve determined the type of quiz you want to host, you have to design the fun quiz questions for employees. One way is brainstorming with a bunch of your colleagues or you can do a quick search on Google and draw some inspiration from the variety of quiz content out there.

Alternatively, you can also conduct employee engagement surveys that contain employee engagement survey questions to gather interesting topics directly from the source, i.e., your employees.

Employee engagement handbook

Employee engagement handbook

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Step 4: Plan the quiz:

After you’ve got the questions sorted, it’s time for planning. In this stage, you decide when you’re going to host the event, how many people will attend, how long will you conduct it for, who’s the quizmaster, will you play individually or in teams, and other such details.

To make things more interesting, you can attach some sort of incentive for winners. It can be something as simple as giving the winner a title for the day, offering gift cards, or special employee discounts. This encourages higher participation and engagement.

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Step 5: Take feedback:

There is no better way to find out if your quizzes are performing as intended. Take feedback from participants and modify your future quizzes accordingly.

Wellness programs and health benefits can also work as great incentives! Learn more about why employees should participate in wellness programs.

Top 15 Best Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas

1. Popular culture quiz:

A pop-culture quiz is a great way to involve all your employees equally. Under the umbrella term of popular culture, you can include quizzes on movies, books, and TV shows. This quiz can also act as a great ice breaker session if you include some icebreaker questions.

Building Great Culture

Building Great Culture

Learn the best practices to build a prospering culture in your organization.

2. Sports-themed quiz:

Barcelona or Manchester United? This is one quiz that can totally rile up your employees! Sports-themed quizzes are fun, exciting, and they can encourage a lot of engagement and involvement.

3. Science-themed quiz:

Here’s a chance to bring out the inner geeks in your workforce. You can discuss equations or potions - distinguish between chemicals and recipes for disasters!

4. Company trivia:

Use this opportunity to find out how much your employees actually know about your company. You can also use it to keep them updated about company information.

5. Team trivia:

This idea is sort of a subset of the last idea, but in a more focused manner. Ask your employees team-specific trivia questions. This helps in virtual team-building and establishes camaraderie among team members.

6. Personal quiz:

This theme is an excellent way to find out more about the lives of your employees - who they are when they are not employees of your company. You can ask them questions about their hobbies, interests, what they do in their spare time, any pets they own, and more.

7. Pulse survey:

You can conduct pulse surveys for your employees, including questions on the experiences of your employees, how their onboarding were, pre and post-training questions, and much more.

8. Positive energy quiz:

After a long day at work, sometimes, you and your employees both might just want a relaxed, feel-good time. Ask questions that are positive like one good thing that happened to you in the past year, one thing you are grateful for, etc.

9. Book trivia:

Give the book nerds of your company this chance for glory! You can ask questions on books, authors, characters, and fandoms - and the good thing is, you will never run out of questions!

10. Travel quiz:

There’s no better way to learn about different parts of the country and the world than with a travel quiz. Ask questions about the different places employees have visited or plan to visit, memorable moments of a trip, fun experiences, unforgettable journeys, and more.  

11. General knowledge quiz:

With quizzes, what’s better than the good old fashioned, classic general knowledge and current affairs theme? They are inclusive, fun, and something everyone can participate in.

12. Know your terminology:

This is a fun yet informative game, based on the terminologies used in your trade or by your company. While your employees have fun, you can ensure they brush up on their knowledge of the market.

13. Fact or myth:

With the plethora of information out there, sometimes separating facts from myths is difficult. Use a quiz to ensure employees can draw the differences between the two. You can use information from your industry for the quiz.  

14. Corporate buzzwords quiz:

All through the week, when you’re communicating with colleagues or clients, you hear buzzwords thrown around. Put your workforce to the test and actually see how much lingo they know. If it’s a quiz for the marketing team, you can ask questions like “In marketing, what does the acronym ‘CPI’ stand for?”

15. The client quiz:

Learn how much your employees know about the companies or clients you work with by quizzing them on it. Not only will they get additional information about the client/company, but they can also use it in their favor and close a deal in the future.

Do you think your team will enjoy trivia night? Find more such engaging ideas in the fun Friday games post.

How Can A Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Boost Productivity?

Now that you know how to conduct an employee quiz and on what topics, let’s discuss why it is a good idea to hold an employee engagement quiz.

1. Increases engagement:

Employee quizzes increase the engagement of your employees, thus making them more motivated, focused, and committed to their work.

2. Improves teamwork:

An employee engagement quiz is a team activity, which encourages building camaraderie and team spirit among your employees. This benefits both the members of the team and your organization as well.

3. Recreational:

After a long day at work, everyone loves a recreational activity. So, why not an employee engagement quiz? It can take away the toll of a long day and show your employees you care about their well-being.

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As you can clearly see, an employee engagement quiz positively influences your worksite culture. Beyond a quiz, you can take your workplace one step further by offering comprehensive group health insurance to your employees along with added benefits.

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1. What are some of the best fun quiz topics for employees?

Here are some suggestions for entertaining quiz topics that workers could like:

Pop culture:

A quiz topic that is entertaining and humorous can include trivia about movies, TV shows, music, and celebrities.


A quiz about historical occurrences or personalities can be interesting and instructive.


A quiz on other nations, their cultures, and iconic places can be an entertaining way to learn about the world.


A fun method to involve sports lovers is to create a quiz about various sports, their rules, and well-known athletes.

2. Do employee engagement activities really increase productivity?

Yes, employee engagement initiatives have the potential to boost workplace productivity. According to research, motivated, dedicated, and engaged employees are more likely to be involved at work, which can increase productivity.

In addition to fostering a sense of community and a healthy work environment, engagement activities that encourage teamwork and social contact can also help enhance productivity.

3. How can I bring my employees together?

Here are some ways you can bring your employees together:

  1. Encourage socializing and teamwork: Plan gatherings and activities that encourage camaraderie and collaboration, like corporate picnics, team outings, and team-building exercises.
  2. Encourage collaboration and teamwork: Encourage collaboration and idea sharing among employees because doing so can foster a sense of belonging and boost engagement.
  3. Show appreciation for your employees: Show appreciation for your staff by recognizing their contributions, expressing gratitude, and offering incentives.
  4. Solicit feedback: Encourage staff to provide inputs and ideas, and make an attempt to implement their recommendations at work.
15 Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas To Boost Productivity
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15 Fun Employee Engagement Quiz Ideas To Boost Productivity

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