10 Important Employment Trends Impacting The Future Of Jobs

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Searching for Employment Trends in India? Then look no further. Inside you'll find 10 trending employment trends impacting the future of jobs. Read to know

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October 19, 2022
10 Important Employment Trends Impacting The Future Of Jobs
10 Important Employment Trends Impacting The Future Of Jobs

With the advent of the digital era, workplaces across the globe are dynamically changing. At the same time, employment trends have also seen a big revolution, and it's time for organizations to upgrade to keep up with them. 📲

Post the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for hybrid working arrangements. There’s also a subsequent need for upgrading technology and employing automation. 💻

Hacks To Automate HR Tasks

Hacks To Automate HR Tasks

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Let’s go through the top employment trends in India and how you, as an employer, can benefit from them. 📊

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This article provides a look into

  • 📈 The importance of employment trends in India
  • 🔟 10 important employment trends in India
  • 💥 What is one of the biggest job trends in 2022?

📈 Importance Of Employment Trends In India

Employment trends help companies reinvent and stay in touch with the sentiments of their staff. By imbibing them, organizations can improve business and consumer confidence and drive higher growth. 📈

By upgrading with the changing environment, employers can contribute to the larger social landscape and also help with the eradication of unemployment and poverty in society. ⛔️

Keeping abreast of emerging job trends can also bring about a positive influence on the economic growth of the country. It can help elevate the low unemployment rate with the generation of more jobs that come via increased operational efficiencies. 

We’ll walk you through a list of the 10 most important job trends in India that can help you embrace the future of work. 🔮

🔟 10 Important Employment Trends In India

From a broader perspective, there is an increased demand for skilled workers. This is coupled with technological innovation and a peak in remote working trends. Let’s go through the various trends of employment in India, in detail. ⬇️

1. ⌚ Work flexibility

One of the biggest trends in employment and unemployment in India is remote working. The pandemic and the demands of employees in general point toward the need for a flexible working routine.

Many more job seekers are looking for work-from-home opportunities to strike a balance between their personal and professional commitments. As an organization, you must prepare for this surge in hybrid working demands with technological and policy changes.

2. 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾Diversity and inclusion

Challenging biases and creating an open work culture is another emerging employment trend. To this effect, diversion and inclusivity in hiring have been on the rise. Employers are actively looking to hire people with physical disabilities and challenges.

Workplace Culture Playbook

Workplace Culture Playbook

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Further, hiring is not limited to ethnic and cultural bounds either, with a general sense of openness for people from all races and walks of life. 🚶‍♀️

3. 💻 Artificial intelligence 

With the growth of technology at a fast pace, it is no surprise that artificial intelligence has garnered the attention of organizations the world over. This includes embedding AI in HR applications to analyze and scan top talent.

By harnessing the power of AI, companies can also attract more clients and drive higher revenue in the years to come. 💹

4. 🏢 Personalized talent management

While there is an increased focus on standardization and the building of process capabilities, employers have also realized the value of personalization.

Organizations now pay attention to making talent management more intimate and personal with the intention to scout for the right talent. This will mean a revolution in terms of the compensation and benefits offered. ☑️

5. 🧠 Employee wellbeing

In continuation of the above point, employers are also called forward to rethink employee wellbeing. There is an established link between employee health and organizational productivity and HR leaders are taking it into their own hands by introducing novel wellbeing initiatives at work.

These include the provision of enhanced health insurance coverage, mental health support, and more. 👨‍⚕️

6. 📑 Skill development

Hiring skilled workers is great, but it sometimes means increased recruitment efforts and costs. To avoid this, HR leaders are recommending skill development among their existing employees.

Instead of increasing staff capacity and numbers, employers are looking to efficiently train their current team. This can lead to higher process efficiencies and also decrease retention costs by a large margin. 📉

Retaining Your Best Employees

Retaining Your Best Employees

A quick and easy-to-read guide for retaining your best-performing employees

7. 🗣️ Communication and collaboration

Recent trends in employment in India also point towards two important Cs – communication and collaboration. This includes the way the leadership interacts with the lower hierarchy, as well as the communication between the team and clients.

It is also understood that combining synergies at work can lead to great results and thus more and more focus is laid on collaboration at work and beyond. 🤝

8. 💾 Big data

The growth in data analytics across industries has caused a demand for talent in areas including data science, cloud computing, and machine learning.

Companies have embraced big data and are invested in the internet of things more so now than ever before. By investing in data analytics, businesses can remain relevant, and future-ready and also create more efficient workplaces. 🖱️

9. 🏡 Contract work and part-time gigs

While job seekers continue to seek full-time employment, the gig economy is witnessing massive growth. The millennial and gen-z workforce especially are open for contract work as well as freelance assignments.

Companies are willing to hire skilled contractors for part-time work instead of hiring and training full resources. This could be a lasting trend since it enables organizations to reduce recruitment costs while still getting work done. 🎯

10. 📱 Digital presence

Needless to say, a digital presence in today’s day and age is crucial. To this effect, organizations need to be active on social media forums and invest a bigger chunk of their budget towards digital marketing.

From the business development point of view as well, organizations can attract more clientele and positively influence customer perceptions via their digital footprint. 🤳   

💥 What Is One Of The Biggest Job Trends In 2022?

By adopting emergent and upcoming job trends, employers can benefit immensely in terms of productivity and performance. You can start by focusing on one of the most important developments, i.e. the provision of employee benefits. 💪

A popular job trend of the year, employee benefits include various non-wage perks. These could be monetary as well as non-monetary and are designed to improve employee engagement at the workplace.

Employee Engagement Handbook

Employee Engagement Handbook

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Some of the most important aspects of employee benefits circle around health and wellness. Especially post the pandemic, job seekers are looking for avenues to take care of their well-being as well as that of their family members. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Read to know: Why Health And Wellness Is Important For Employees?

Employers also realized the connection between employee health and overall workplace productivity.

Thus, they are providing added benefits at work that are focused on the physical, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing of employees. ⭕

➿ Extending Employee Benefits With Loop

At Loop, we understand the need for organizations to stay apprised of the changing trends.

We enable you to provide exciting employee benefits to your staff and achieve excellence in team productivity and overall firm performance.💹

Our group health insurance plans include a host of perks, such as round-the-clock doctor support, mental health sessions, access to wellness sessions, and more. To know about our offerings and design an effective yet affordable plan, our experts can help. Reach out to us today! 

10 Important Employment Trends Impacting The Future Of Jobs
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10 Important Employment Trends Impacting The Future Of Jobs

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