4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels (Updated for 2023)

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Are you curious about the four types of employee engagement? Then this article is for you. Inside you'll find 4 employee engagement types to boost productivity

Are you curious about the four types of employee engagement? Then this article is for you. Inside you'll find 4 employee engagement types to boost productivity

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April 21, 2022
4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels (Updated for 2023)
4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels (Updated for 2023)
A successful business initiative is always a group achievement, which requires a combined effort of all employees alike.

All employees of that work need to be highly engaged and motivated about their work so that they can put in their time, and their maximum efforts, so that they can work to their full potential, and put in active efforts in moving the organization forward.

There are various types of employee engagement and as an HR person, it is important to look into all of them carefully.

According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, organizations report having a 22% higher rate of productivity with increased engagement of employees.

Now that we see how important employee engagement is, let us read more and find out the four types of employee engagement!

Quick summary

The employees of your company need to be engaged to perform better and encourage the growth of your company. The four types of engagement in employees are:

  • Neither engaged nor committed
  • Engaged
  • Committed
  • Engaged and Committed

In this blog, you will read about

  • What employee engagement is
  • What is an HR’s role in employee engagement
  • Ways to increase employee engagement

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is more than just a commitment your employees feel towards their work; it is a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm they have for their jobs that reflects upon their performances.

Employee engagement can make all the difference between, “Oh no, Monday, back to work again!”, and “Yes, Monday! A new day to live up to my potential!”

There is a great deal of positive attitude and dedication - not to mention passion and energy - involved in employee engagement, where they can connect to the work they do and feel that their individual contributions make a significant difference to their work.

With employee engagement, your employees are invested in the growth and future of your company, and this emotional investment results in multiple benefits: higher job satisfaction, better company culture, improved team spirit, better customer experience, improved employee retention, and many more!

Employee engagement handbook

Employee engagement handbook

A playbook for modern HR leaders to boost employee engagement with actionable solutions.

What Is The HR Role In Employee Engagement?

As an HR manager, you would want to encourage and drive employee engagement as much as you can, to further the growth of your company, and build a healthy office culture.

It is all the more important to you as an HR as it reduces employee turnover rate, and encourages retention of old employees, thus saving you a lot of costs and paperwork of hiring new recruits or temporary substitute staff.

On all levels, HR plays a pivotal role in employee engagement. Yes, there are particular employee engagement roles and projects, but employee engagement is something that everyone in HR should think about.

Consider the following question: what motivates employees to be engaged at work?

There could be a variety of answers: rewarding work, excellent supervisors, career opportunities, training, competitive salary and benefits packages, and alignment with organizational aims.

Guide to best employee benefits

Guide to best employee benefits

Explore the latest trends in giving your employees the benefits they deserve.

Therefore, to attain high levels of employee engagement, you must first master all of the HR principles.

As an HR person, you must have a holistic picture of the employer-employee contract to achieve good employee engagement, and you must ensure that employees have the necessary skills, resources, and atmosphere to function at their best.

Employees who are engaged are aware of what is expected of them. They have personal as well as organizational objectives to achieve, thus promoting the interests of both their own and the company.

Organize an employee engagement program, or conduct some regular activities to have an impact on employee engagement and motivation levels.

Here are some employee engagement quiz ideas to boost productivity. Check it out!

4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels

Not all employees are the same, and neither are their engagement levels. So to involve different employees, we have to look into their engagement levels. Let us look into the top employee engagement types, which would help improve the productivity of your workforce:

1. Neither engaged nor committed employees

This is the first among the various types of employees, whose engagement levels are down and who feel no commitment to their company. It is this type that requires the most of your efforts.

2. Committed employees

Committed employees are very important for an organization since they have a profound loyalty towards your company and are emotionally bonded to it; however, they are probably not entirely engaged due to a multitude of reasons: financial insecurity, family stress, and more.

3. Engaged employees

Engaged employees are the ones who are the most enthusiastic about their work, and are actively engaged in their work; however, they do not feel any lasting loyalty or emotional attachment to your company.

4. Engaged and committed employees

These types of employees are an asset to your company; they are not only actively engaged employee, who is motivated in their work, but they also share a deep connection of trust, loyalty, and a high level of commitment to your company is reflected in their actions.

Why do you think some employees are more engaged than others? Here are 7 factors that affect Employee Engagement and Motivation.

How To Increase Employee Engagement?

1. Group Activities

Plan activities for your employees outside of their regular everyday work, to spice up their regular day at work and increase their motivation. This will also improve team spirit and result in your employees sharing a sense of camaraderie.

Activities such as yoga, pilates, or Zumba classes also take care of your employees’ health, along with having increased engagement.

Loop offers your employees the goodness of real-time wellness events. Click here to read more!

2. Mental Health Programs

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health disorders can stop your employees from putting in their best in their jobs. Not having a good work-life balance, or being insecure about their futures can take a serious toll on the mental health of your employees, thus preventing them from being engaged in their work.

Arranging for talking therapy sessions, counseling for your employees, and seminars on mental health can fix those problems, and improve your employees’ engagement levels.

3. Comprehensive Health Insurance

Actions speak louder than words, and there can be no better action on your part than offering an all-inclusive insurance plan for your employees to show them that you care about their well-being and are willing to invest in their futures.

This would keep your employees medically and financially secure for their futures, and motivate them to be more engaged in their work.

You can read more about Comprehensive Health Insurance and its benefits over here!

4. Offer Incentives

Rewards, benefits, and employee recognition programs can acknowledge the efforts your employees put into your company, and show your appreciation for them.

With Loop's health plans, your employees' holistic and overall well-being is ensured!

With health benefits, wellness programs, and group health insurance that you are offering to your employees, you build a sense of trust and loyalty among your employees.

The plans provide all-around care at cheap prices, from booking virtual consults with doctors to discounts on lab tests to engaging workout sessions, dentistry, and eye coverage.

Read this quick and easy-to-read guide for implementing employee benefits that work for you and your organization.

At the end of the day, employer insurance contributes to employee engagement, which leads to more productivity, decreased absenteeism, a lower turnover rate, and improved teamwork, among other benefits, and improves the profitability of the workplace and strengthens the bottom line of a company!

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4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels (Updated for 2023)
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4 Types Of Employee Engagement Levels (Updated for 2023)

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