How To Improve The Employee Experience (10 Best Ways)

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Want to know How To Improve The Employee Experience? Then you must read this post. Inside you'll find 10 best ways to boost employee experience. Read to know

Want to know How To Improve The Employee Experience? Then you must read this post. Inside you'll find 10 best ways to boost employee experience. Read to know

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September 16, 2022
How To Improve The Employee Experience (10 Best Ways)
How To Improve The Employee Experience (10 Best Ways)

There’s a lot that has changed in terms of workplace dynamics over the years. Employees are no more content with lucrative paychecks and challenging work alone. 💰 They’re yearning for more and employers, to keep their greatest assets happy, must consider their demands.

To put things into perspective, people at the workplace are looking forward to a great employee experience. 😃 This includes every interaction employees have with the organization – right from the pre-hiring stage until exit.

For employers, it means curating an employee-centric workplace that can benefit not just the staff but also the company’s revenues and performance as a whole. 💹 If you’re wondering ‘how to improve the employee experience at your organization, let’s find out below.

Quick Summary

This article provides insight into

  • 😄 Why is employee experience important?
  • 🤔 How can HR improve the employee experience at work?

😄 Why Is Employee Experience Important?

Employee experience can improve business results and have a favorable impact on the company’s reputation. As several employee surveys have also pointed out, employee engagement and a positive work experience can lead to many benefits and generate approximately 2.5 times more revenue for organizations.

By creating a great employee experience, employers can reduce absenteeism at work and even improve employee loyalty. This can help HRs improve talent retention and acquisition practices and also save on costs.

Employer Branding Playbook

Employer Branding Playbook

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Further, by creating a positive work environment, organizations can improve company culture and create a strong market standing for themselves. This indirectly influences how customers perceive the company and thereby induces a good customer experience as well.

Wondering how to improve employee experience at work? Read on to know!

🤔 How Can HR Improve The Employee Experience At Work?

Companies and HR leaders often contemplate how to enhance employee experience. Here we’ve listed down 10 sure-shot ways in which HR can improve employee experience and help companies achieve their goals in the long run.

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1. 📃 Provide meaningful work

One of the biggest reasons an employee leaves the organization is a lack of purpose. ⤵️ The corporate humdrum can sometimes be drowning and monotonous and affect how an employee feels on a day-to-day basis.

Companies can avoid this by providing meaningful work to employees and by doing away with redundant processes. Offering autonomy and giving work that aligns with the unique skill set of each employee can also help. 🎯

2. 💪 Extend employee benefits

There’s more to an employee’s journey in an organization than excel sheets and PPTs. 📄 Employees nowadays expect to receive perks that go over and beyond their paychecks. These include monetary and non-monetary benefits that can holistically enhance job satisfaction.

The former category extends to bonuses and cash payouts 💵 whereas the latter features arrangements for remote work, flexible hours, and so on. 🏠

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3. 🤒 Pay attention to employee health

Wellbeing has become an integral part of the workplace. This is because employers have realized the value of a healthy workforce. At the same time, employees are looking forward to benefits that can enable them to tackle stress and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing

Employee Well-being Guide

Employee Well-being Guide

Wellness tips that effectively help you deal with burnout and its underlying stress.

🟢 Here’s where you can count on a partner like Loop. Our group health insurance plans are focused on employee health and come with several added benefits, such as wellness sessions by experts, mental health support, convenient consultations with doctors, and more.

4. 🤝 Encourage management’s support 

Another reason employees feel stressed or dejected at work is the lack of managerial support. Leaders and managers who cannot gel with their teams and lead by example often end up creating a poor employee experience.

Firms can avoid this by providing training at the managerial level and encouraging empathy in the workplace. They can also create formal mentorship programs and set up an open hierarchy at work which employees can benefit from.

5. 📚 Offer professional development opportunities

There are chances for employees to feel stuck or stagnant in their jobs. The primary reason for this is the lack or absence of growth at work. To tackle this, employers can provide learning and development opportunities to the staff.

This can include providing formal training at work and higher education support outside of the organization. Further, companies can also look at providing employees with more responsibilities in their current roles. 🪴

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6. 💗 Promote inclusion and diversity

Another great way to improve the employee experience is by focusing on inclusion and diversity. Essentially, this includes initiatives such as recruiting disabled individuals, equal women representation, hiring people from varied cultures, and so on.

By creating a culture of inclusion and diversity, companies can show that they truly care and thus influence employee experience positively. ✅

7. 🗣️ Seek and respond to feedback

Employees can feel lost and or unvalued if they’re merely given duties without any space for two-way communication. A definite way to enhance employee experience is to seek and solicit feedback 📝 regularly and keep open channels of communication.

Further, companies should not just seek employee feedback but also respond to it and implement it with the help of tangible methods.

8. ➕ Create a positive workspace

With the hybrid work culture and the return of employees to work, companies need to pay attention to the physical attributes of the workplace. These include welcoming décor, the correct use of technology, ergonomic furniture, 💺 and more.

Organizations can also create ample breakout areas, open spaces for collaboration, and more to improve the employee experience.

Workplace Culture Playbook

Workplace Culture Playbook

The 7-step roadmap to successfully build an irresistible workplace

9. 🏢 Curate an effective onboarding and exit process

Onboarding and exit are both critical to the employee journey. To provide new hires with a great experience and to influence their perceptions about the company in the right way, companies must focus on creating an effective onboarding experience.

Even when a team member chooses to leave, showing them the right support for a smooth exit can go a long way. It enables them to have a positive and lasting impression about the organization and thus helps create a good reputation.

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10. 🙏 Express Gratitude

Appreciation can do wonders, and a great way to ensure that employees feel appreciated and supported regularly is with words of kindness and affirmation.

Send them gratitude notes or gamified rewards for going above and beyond, or for simply being diligent with their work. This can improve how employees feel at work and thereby better the company’s overall performance as well. 🎯

➰ Enhance Employee Experience With Loop’s Health Offerings

With the help of the above tips, companies can create a positive employee experience that can benefit both the organization and its people. This list is by no means exhaustive. You must do what is right for your organization and its people. Feel free to tweak the methods here to make them your own.

🟢 When it comes to health benefits, we at Loop offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits for teams of all sizes.

With the help of our group insurance plans, you can extend health benefits that will help your employees both financially and physically. This includes round-the-clock support at the hands of in-house doctors, access to mental health consults, and free wellness sessions each month. 🩺

The idea is simple – to look after employees such that they look after the company as their own. To know more about how Loop can help you create a great employee experience, reach out to us immediately. ⚡

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How To Improve The Employee Experience (10 Best Ways)
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How To Improve The Employee Experience (10 Best Ways)

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